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I usually don't post birthday wishes, but I happened to work on fanart for the fabulous Hanging Work AU, when I noticed that it's [livejournal.com profile] cereta's Birthday today. So I thought it would be nice to post it today as a present, even though it's not colored yet. (The colored version is going to be posted soonish, I just couldn't finish it in time for Lucy's birthday.)

It's an illustration for the last scene in the series, for the story Aiding and Abetting III: Resolution of Claim, i.e. for this passage:
Five minutes later, he stood in front of the mirror, needlessly adjusting the sleeves for the fourth time, brushing nonexistent lint off his shoulder. Alfred had done an amazing job. The colors were more muted: the green that took up most of the body was almost black; the red that covered his shoulders and moved down his arms in stylized wings was more blood than apple; the yellow was only there in the insignia. But they were still his family's colors, still the colors he'd learned to fly in.

He felt as much as heard Batman's presence behind him, just before a gloved hand grasped his right shoulder, then slid down to the stylized "R" on his chest.

"Should I ask?"

Dick took a deep breath. "Robin," he said. "Call me Robin."

pencil drawing, ca 56K, Bruce/Dick slash, obviously, but nothing explicit )

Oh, btw, I also made a new icon for birthday wishes. So:

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] cereta! I hope you enjoy your present, and it's hopefully going to be finished soon.
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I finished the picture I've bee working on. The inking isn't very good (it is the first time I've inked anything with a brush in years after all), so to distract you from that *grin* I also decided to try computer coloring for the very first time. It is not as good as I'd like it to be, but I really have to do university stuff during the next days, and I know that if I don't post it as finished I'll continue to fiddle with it all of my time, because that's what has happened all of last week already.

The finished one can be found here (104K).

I've also put the pencils on my site here (100K), so you can decide for yourself whether my newbie efforts in inking and coloring have made things worse (or better).
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Two point perspective sucks, three point perspective even more. Both especially when you are not trying to draw simple things like boxes or cylinders but Gotham rooftops with stone gargoyles. Foreshortening of human body parts for two and three point perspective also sucks.

Yeah, I'm trying to draw a Batman and Nightwing rooftop scene, how'd you guess? One day it is supposed to be a picture with Batman standing (or crouching, I'm not sure yet) above one of these Gotham gargoyles, gazing over the city, with Nightwing coming towards him. (And btw, it's hard to draw Nightwing in movement, because his most typical movements, at least from what I can gather so far, seem to be these jumping, somersaulting, acrobatic things.)

Anyway, obviously I suck at staying motivated while working on difficult pictures, which is why I took a break and amused myself with doing a quick close-up sketch of a Batman/Nightwing kiss, for which neither perspective, nor foreshortening, nor gargoyles were needed. It's not great and it lacks expression somewhat, but it took only a little bit more than a half hour to draw with a tangible result (opposed to the last days of work which only resulted in failed layouts and perspective sketches). You can look at it here.

I guess it's the picture equivalent to people posting unpolished snippets to their journals.

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