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I'm sure there must be a LibraryThing for music collections somewhere, so that you can tag your music to search for stuff, browse your friends' music tastes, rec things, and all that social network stuff. Especially considering that somehow exporting music collection lists from media players has to be easier than to input books. But somehow I haven't seen people link to anything like that for sharing lists of their music collections online yet. So where is that site, or which is most popular if there are several?
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Gakked from half my f-list, most recently [livejournal.com profile] jacquez.

1) Put your music player on random
2) For the first 20 tracks, find a picture of the artist via Google Images (or cheat *cough cough*)
3) Get your friends to guess the artist.

lots of pictures... )

I obviously listen to way too much folk with guitars atm... *cringes* These women look all eerily similar, however I swear, I faithfully used the google image search results and entered different names.

ETA: Now with solutions.
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So while sorting through some stuff I found a copy of a mix CD, and I was fairly certain that it is not a private mix, but was done by either a project, zine or festival or something like that on the topic of violence against women, queer and minority women in particular, and self-defense. It had 28 tracks with a mix of short spoken pieces (relating experiencing violence and of self-defense tips and strategies), and music in different styles and its title (at least according to the labelling on mine) was "I'm Scary Not Scared" but I didn't have a track listing and I had no idea who all the artists were. After wasting almost half an hour of my life on google it turns out that the actual title of the CD is "Free to Fight!" *headdesk* It was released on Candy-Ass Records.

On the upside I found that not only all the tracks but also the accompanying zine/booklet are available online under a CC license here these days, so I could just download the booklet pdf. BTW you should check it out if you like garage punk (though there's rap and folk music on it also), and dubious musical quality aside, for some reason the "Eyes, Knees, Groin, Throat" song (it's track 20 "Target Practice") never fails to have an uplifting effect on me.

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