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The icon meme everybody is doing to generate more or less weird pairings that [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn started is a lot of fun, unfortunately it doesn't work with my icons, for obvious reasons. I'd only get a "RatCreature channels Multiple Man" story suggestion out of it, or something like that.

However, icons were also on my mind this evening, since I'm still diligently working to fill my icon slots. It's not quite actual content, but I do have four new icons. (Now 36 down, only 64 still to go! *grin*)

First there's Blathering!RatCreature:

and Thinking!RatCreature:

Both created in the hope that one day I may post actual content that's not a GIP again, but also useful for comments of all kind.

Then there's the icon for all those "Write/draw (more) of this, please?" situations, i.e. a shamelessly begging RatCreature:

and finally the depressed counterpart to my happy icon, the Dejected!RatCreature, though I hope I won't use that one too much:

I also did this "Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test", and it turns out that according to this I'm not much of a nerd compared to most of my f-list who did this quiz, but much dorkier... Not really flattering. Heh. )
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I've been thinking about giving comics published under DC's Wildstorm label a try, in particular The Authority TPBs. After browsing the Wildstorm site for a bit I'm still not sure which trade is the first I ought to read, it seems The Authority: Relentless is the first collection, however it also seems like Stormwatch is about (some of?) the same people as Authority, so do I need to read those to understand the Authority series? I'm unsure in general about how the different series in the Wildstorm universe are related. Like, are all titles published under the Wildstorm label (Authority, Planetary, Gen13, Sleeper, etc.) set in the same universe, or are they separate?

Totally unrelated, the What Muppet Are You? quiz thinks I'm Rizzo the Rat, which pleases me.
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I rarely post quiz results, but I liked the "Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?"

The result is not very flattering for me, though. )
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Obviously I know a lot fewer arcane English words than some other people: I only scored 153 in this vocabulary test.

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