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A Story Just Begun, by bergann. Slash, Colby Granger/Evan Lorne. (ca. 3,930 words)
This is an "SGC goes public" story, set after season 5 and assumes that they can't hide a floating city in the San Fransisco Bay. I liked how that was handled and thought Numb3rs was fit in well.

Eat it Twilight, by liliaeth. Gen. (ca. 45,775 words)
Criminal Minds/Supernatural
Crossing these universes is a match I really enjoy, and this one gives a great outsider POV on the Winchesters, and the story worked well from both series' worldbuilding perspectives.

The Once And Future Pain In My Ass, by Ras Elased. Slash, Merlin/Arthur. (ca. 6,000 words)
Dresden Files/Merlin
Normally I'm not that interested in fanfic that transposes Merlin to present day and has him look for Arthur's reincarnation, but mixed with Dresden Files like in this story it works for me, because Merlin hires Dresden and we get his POV on the Merlin scenario. Unfortunately this story doesn't give us their whole quest, but even this setup of their first meeting is a lot of fun.


Dec. 25th, 2007 14:55
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I'm still reading SGA holiday exchange stories and have also started browsing the now live Yuletide archive, so here's a couple of recs:


Red Flowers, by Anonymous. Teamfic. (ca 25,620 words)
This is a great action-adventure teamfic with cool world building of a Pegasus civilization. It has some Sheppard/McKay as established background pairing, but that is minor and the focus is on the whole team with Teyla and Ronon playing nearly equal parts to Rodney and John, though it is slightly Rodney-centric overall. So unless you hate the pairing like the plague, you'll enjoy it as a plotty team story with aliens, Pegasus politics, just the right amount of technobabble and explosions, even if the listed pairing isn't your thing.

Dresden Files (bookverse)

The World's Largest Kitten, by Anonymous. (ca. 1,200 words)
This is just really cute and fun fluff with Mister and Mouse.


How to Change the World Without Even Trying, by Anonymous. (ca. 1,400 words)
It's a characterstudy looking at John, and how the world his mother raised him in is removed from the mainstream, and then John's view of his foster families and his changing perspective on his mother.
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A little while ago I lamented the lack of Harry/Ramirez slash. So today my morning was much improved when I saw [livejournal.com profile] cccarioca's story Flower Child (ca. 3,065 words, some spoilers for White Night) appear on my f-list. Beyond just being awesome for the pairing, it comes with cool fantasy stuff, like curses and Aztec goddesses.

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