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If I was considering to make some faux-documentary Sanctuary fanart, like the kind I was looking for a few days ago (and unfortuantely haven't come across so far), which kind of creature should I do a Sanctuary style abnormal file for? I'm thinking of something along the line of artifacts we see in the opening credits: Files on an abnormal, like documentation of it and stuff, or maybe journal entries with sketches, or historical accounts or something like that.

I have browsed wikipedia for inspiration and possible candidates for things that might suit as basis for abnormals in the Sanctuary universe:

Poll #5447 ideas for Sanctuary abnormals
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Which of these do you think would make a good abnormal case file?

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3 (60.0%)

3 (60.0%)

Pig-faced Women
1 (20.0%)

Green Man
2 (40.0%)

1 (20.0%)

1 (20.0%)

something else I'll mention in a comment
0 (0.0%)

ratcreature: RatCreature as Steampunk character (steampunk)
I have watched all of Sanctuary over the last week and half or so. I wouldn't be averse to fic recs, but mostly I'd love to see fanart doing concept art stuff to expand on the universe, like say created files on the abnormals, drawings or sculptures of their steampunkish gadgets, journals kept by the characters during their travels and experiments documenting these with a mix of text and sketches. So is there anything like that around?

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