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Apparently Yahoo is planning to shutdown delicious and have already gotten rid of all the delicious employees, so maybe that it is not working right for me is already due to degrading infrastructure?

And the other bookmark service I used fannishly, Simpy, (well once upon a time I bookmarked fanart there because they had better tag operators than delicious, but it had been flaky so I drifted away) shut down earlier this year, as I only now noticed. They didn't even sent users an email or anything, so I didn't export my bookmarks from there. Thankfully that were only a couple not the 5800+ I store on delicious. :(

Also SGU was cancelled. And even though I would have rather had SGA, I still watched SGU. I'm not that broken up about it being cancelled, but I'm not gleeful that it's gone either.
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The aim to make your tv series appear "dark" or "edgy" or "gritty" or whatever does not mean that the screen has to be literally too dark to make out anything. I get that there are mood lighting choices, and atmosphere through colors and so on, but it completely defeats any kind of purpose if your viewer can't see or follow what's going on. It is not all that sinister if you have to squint and guess what is happening. Seriously, things can be dark and edgy even if there is a lightsource somewhere! (This was brought on by me trying to watch SGU, but really it applies to a lot of series.)

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