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Not exactly a reprieve from the comic posts, but it's about the Supernatural comics, so no people wearing their bright underwear on the outside! :D

Supernatural: Origins #1-3 (written by Peter Johnson, art by Matthew Dow Smith)

First, I like that the art doesn't try for photographic likeness, because that is really hard to pull off well in tv tie-in comics, i.e. far too often the likeness is mangled and/or the drawings look stiff. So I'm fine with the art being stylized. One major problem is though that the artist doesn't seem to be able to draw small children. Baby!Sam in particular just looks really, really odd. Also the coloring doesn't always work for me.

As for the story, cut for spoilers )
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I was browsing the official Supernatural site which is one of those annoying all Flash things you can't properly navigate, but have to click at random. However, at one point you can get to this Flash version of John Winchester's diary, which looked interesting enough as far as supplementary website stuff goes, so I started reading that, and once again marvel at the stupidity of TPTB. Because there's this diary entry from December 13, 1983 in which John talks about how the police investigation of Mary's death brought no result, and he writes "All the forensics are back, and they didn't find a thing. No fingerprints, no DNA, no blood, nothing at all left of my wife's body, no sign of anyone else in that house." And I'm just WTF?!?

I'm fairly sure DNA analysis for crime scenes wasn't done as a standard investigation thing in 1983. I mean, I still remember it being all new and controversial much later. Actually according to this wikipedia entry it wasn't even invented until 1984 and first used only in 1986, and looking for DNA traces at the scene of an unusual house fire is not something I think would be done even with a technique that was just new instead of not invented yet.

Thankfully I have no problem to ignore stuff they merely put on websites, but still... *headdesk* It's not that I mind slightly wonky forensics, science or police procedures or facts, I'm not nitpicky, but to be this anachronistic is totally stupid.

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