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I'd have liked a White Collar icon for a while now, but I'm not sure what I could do to make an icon recognizable. My icons more or less depend on having my avatar successfully cosplay a character, but wearing a suit and a hat is hardly unique, and aside from the tracking anklet (which I'm not sure would be recognizable at icon size) there aren't many distinct props either. So I'm somewhat at a loss. Any ideas?
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In the recent ep Diana claims that Neal's raw milk Pecorino cheese was illegal (Neal counters that it was a gift, not sold), which I found very strange. I know that there is more concern about risks of raw milk products in the US than elsewhere, but surely the US wouldn't outlaw all kinds of cheeses? What on earth would be sold as Parmesan cheese in the US for example (I mean if you want the non-ersatz kind, i.e. proper Parmigiano-Reggiano), if raw milk cheese was really illegal? Or Gruyère? Or any of the other common cheeses that need raw milk? It's not like raw milk is only used in obscure specialty cheeses foodie snobs seek out.

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