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...but the worst is that I accidentally keep "liking" posts even though my finger was nowhere near the "<3" button. And then I have to "un-like" things and then I fret about whether maybe people notice.

I'd just leave it, but in general I just don't favorite fic or text posts on Tumblr, nor gifsets or cute videos, just drawn artwork.
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Why is there an annoying, pixelated, pooping horse on my Tumblr dashboard? It is not even April 1st yet. How can I make it go away? Why is Tumblr doing these things?
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Why is there a stupid confetti animation disrupting my dashboard? I guess it is because it's Tumblr's tenth anniversary?

I suppose it is totally in the site's spirit to make themselves even more unusable as celebration.
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Tumblr forcibly logged me out, and refuses to let me log in via a webbrowser unless I change my password. Though it doesn't seem to have any problem to let me log into my account via the Android app.

Admittedly I haven't changed my password in a while, but still this is obnoxious behavior, in particular since they did not bother to sent me an email or such to explain or alert me to anything.
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The Tumblr app has notifications, usually only "So-and-so liked your photo", but sometimes the notification starts differently but then I can't find out what it wanted me to inform about, because when I tap on the notification, it only opens my dash, and when I go on to check account activity nothing shows there either.

I just clicked on a Tumblr notification on my tablet that had popped up without really reading the excerpt, except noting that it wasn't the standard like/reblog thing, but now I have no idea what it was, because there is nothing new in the inbox or the account activity of either of my two Tumblrs, and of course the notification goes away once you tapped it. Argh.
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Tumblr seems to freeze Firefox fairly often on my computer, e.g. I scroll down my dashboard and then suddenly the page (and all of Firefox actually, like I can't switch tabs) becomes unresponsive for a little while before scrolling resumes. At first I thought it might be some unfortunate side effect of XKit or an XKit extension, because the filtering that applies to my dashboard (like removing the sponsored stuff, and blocking some tags), and that used to slow things down on my old laptop sometimes, but this effect also happens sometimes when I have just a single Tumblr post open and scroll down that.

Do others have this problem? It is starting to really annoy me. It never happens on any other website besides Tumblr.
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Tumblr has created a way to not show a Tumblr via the web URL but only on the dashboard to followers. But as I understand it, the behavior is that anyone can follow you if they know your name unless you explicitly block them. So content is not actually private as such, because if I for example came across one of these error pages following at a web URL, I could follow the name in the URL and then see the content on my dash, at least unless/until I got blocked.

Only I probably couldn't find any specific content because I'd have to scroll back through my dashboard to see it, since the URLs don't work anymore for anyone, logged in or not, including the owner even, based on the reblog comments?! So if you hide your Tumblr, how could you find or see your old posts if neither archive nor tag links work any longer?

And how does this behave with reblogging? The post says the social functions all work as before, including reblog, does that mean if your followers, who may not even realize you disabled URLs as there is no symbol on the posts like on LJ/DW, can still reblog and it would show on theirs with a proper URL (and be visible to all including search engines if they set their Tumblr for maximal exposure?) or only reblog through the dashboard feeds to their followers but not the public Tumblr?

This implementation of (faux-)privacy doesn't sound like a recipe for wanky misunderstandings and disaster at all... /sarcasm
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Is there a way to get rid of that annoying "answertime" thing that shows at the top of your dashboard now? I usually don't even know these people (presumably famous ones?) that are asked questions. I couldn't find an option or extension in xkit.
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I used to do this with that Tumblr Savior script thing, but it must have gone glitchy at some point without me noticing, because right now when I add stuff to its filter list it doesn't hide the posts.

I'm trying to not be spoiled for the new X-Men movie until I watch it, and I have been just staying away from Tumblr the last few days, but apparently Tumblr has by now become a thing that I have a routine impulse to check. So having a working tag filter again would be helpful.


Jun. 15th, 2013 15:02
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Looking at the Worst Room Tumblr just now (a blog that posts photos of horrible rooms and small "apartments" for rent in NYC at outrageous prices) makes me feel so much better about my place.

Also, of course I knew that fictional depictions of supposedly crappy NYC apartments in tv series and such always make them vastly larger than they would be in reality (perhaps because you couldn't actually fit a professional camera larger than an iPhone, the person operating it, and a person being filmed into an actual crappy NYC apartment from the looks of these photos so you'd probably have to stage them and leave one wall out that you don't see or something), but these are just astoundingly awful. Like, many seem to be either windowless closets rented as bedroom for several hundred dollars or some sort of crawlspaces repurposed for sleeping in, that are too low to stand or even sit.
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Like how you see a pretty but uncredited artwork on Tumblr (which if you're interested is by Tsuneo Sanda), with the poster saying that they don't know who did the artwork, and among the many comments some who say they tried reverse image search but didn't find any proper source just Tumblr and Pinterest reposts (which is true), when in fact with a bit of effort you can mostly make out the name in the text part of the signature in the corner. It was a little blurry, even in the largest version of the image that I could find uncredited on Pinterest (only credited there with an image URL, I suspect probably from Facebook image hosting originally, based on URL shape, but at least that Pinterest source picture was larger than all Tumblr repost files, so it must have spread from there), but a simple google *text* search for what I could recognize of the sig together with "art", gave me the artist as first result, even though I guessed one letter wrong due to the blurriness at first, but the symbol part of the sig was clearly matching.

Admittedly it took me a few minutes, what with first looking for the largest file version to make out the signature better and then googling what I could read, but it wasn't that much effort, so I don't get why the original poster and other rebloggers who seemed to have been interested in who the artist was as well, didn't manage to look closely at the name on the picture. It's not like I'm particularly eagle eyed. I messaged the poster on Tumblr with the artist name, so maybe they'll add proper credit.
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Is it just me, or did the posting interface get even more baffling? Admittedly on the list of their idiosyncratic interface choices this change doesn't rank very high, but why do they have to rearrange things all the time? I'm not one of those people who like to move their furniture around weekly.
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So very often I want to find out the context of what led to an amusing image, and on Tumblr there is no way to ask, and often no proper source, just the image being posted, and then when you google image search the picture you only get a bunch of tumblrs as results.

Like just now, on my dashboard comes this post in which someone posted a vintage or pseudo-vintage safe sex poster, which people seem to find amusing for its gay subtext or something, that was of course created by manipulating the original J.C. Leyendecker advertising artwork (which of course wasn't for safe sex) which has a woman between the two soldiers, flirting with them, and by removing that woman they seem to flirt with each other. (Though some think the guys look more at each other in the original too, and it's often speculated that Leyendecker may have been homosexual etc. etc. but it remains that the original is not *that* obviously gay.)

However looking at the pic on Tumblr I have no idea whether someone actually created a (physical) poster at some point, or just manipped it to look like a poster or anything. On second thought, since the watermark URL leads to a photomanip contest site, a real poster seems unlikely. So I guess at some point this image was on that contest site, but I still have no idea who the creator was, because google image search gives no results from the contest site in the watermark.

And I'm actually not sure whether everybody who finds this amusing on Tumblr even realizes the underlying vintage artwork has been manipulated from its original state. It's incredibly frustrating, and you can't even comment there to ask or have a conversation.

ETA: But a search for "safe sex" on the contest site gave the manip in question, so after a bit over half an hour of websearching I now know that the credit for that manip goes to someone called Snowcrash and won the third place in a "vintage ad" contest on that site. Obviously this lack of proper sourcing on Tumblr does not help its timesink aspect at all.
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Is anyone else having problems with Tumblr's queue? Mine for [tumblr.com profile] jamesmcavoywithsloths failed to post yesterday, and today it failed again. I'd ask on Tumblr, but it's not like people can reply there easily...
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Sometimes I hate it a lot that Tumblr has no comment options (in most cases). So often I want to react briefly to some fun post or another, but I just don't do the reblog thing with my own Tumblr -- not that you can really follow and enjoy reactions easily then either. Occasionally the propensity of fandom to use things in ways they weren't meant to be used (and have no features for) has annoying downsides.
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I just reloaded my Tumblr dashboard and they moved all the things around without warning. It's quite disorienting.
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I haven't been online as much as usual (hence the total lack of public fannish posts and the like around here recently), but I had set up my [tumblr.com profile] jamesmcavoywithsloths Tumblr with a queue to post a picture once a day automatically even when I'm not around, only the last few days that feature seems to be broken? I've seen some official post mentioning problems over the weekend, but my queue didn't post today either. Is this still non-functional for other people too? *kicks Tumblr*

Unrelated, I find it a little worrisome that I didn't smell that one of my rats had peed on my bed right next to me just now, but only noticed it due to the wetness. Granted, the spot was small, but now I worry that I might not notice either if I myself smelled of rat pee, because I've become habituated to small amounts of it. (Though I definitely smell if I forget to change their wet bedding in the cage every other day, so I'm not completely desensitized but still.) Like the people in the hoarding reality tv shows who don't smell their house is filled with cat poop or such. Though any potential problem is probably mitigated by my habit to change from regular clothes to rattier (pun intended) indoor clothes most of the time before I interact with them, to not have holes chewed into everything I wear. I mean, their social grooming efforts are probably well meant, but this just doesn't work on fabric as it does on fur.


Jan. 18th, 2012 14:10
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So I've read about the English Wikipedia being blacked out today to protest that internet legislation, and wanted to see how it looks, but I can see it like always? So do they only black it out in the US? I'm confused.

Unrelated, I was totally right about the formula "McAvoy + sloths = insta-popularity".
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...once this winning combination had occurred to me. There really was a void, thus:


(obviously inspired by the hilarious Michael Fassbender with Pugs)

ETA: Also just now while looking for more photos of McAvoy to combine with sloths, I actually came across one with him hanging in a tree like a sloth. Clearly this is a sign.
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First, how hard it is to follow a simple discussion with more than two participants. (I know, not what Tumblr is built for, but people still use it for that.) I mean, even if you ignore the unfortunate formatting, that makes it so hard to attribute what is quote and who said what, as soon as a conversation branches, you are never going to see all threads in a single of the reblogs, and if you go to the notes of the original post you can see all the responses and reblogs (i.e. the "A reblogged from B and added" bits) but there they are cut off and shortened, so you have to click and end up with a gazillion tabs to read one post with three comment threads. It's maddening. Unless there is some other reading method I missed to find and display responses? *nurses futile hope*

Second, a more subjective dissonance for me, is how Tumblr is one of the places where publicly celebrating popularity numbers is done by some (on dA it also happens, there with page view milestones mostly). I mean, from what I can tell you can't see the follower numbers like you can on LJ-clone platforms as default with friend-of/subscriber lists, so maybe that's why some people make posts going "yay over 4000 followers!" or the like instead. But of course only the ridiculously popular people do this as far as I can tell, and I can't help feeling kind of crushed in comparison. Though perhaps I wouldn't take notice so much if on Tumblr you weren't seeing "reblog/like" numbers all the time, that draw attention to the audience size constantly, even without extra action.

Which on the one hand I know is silly, because it's not like without these kinds of follower-numbers squee posts I would be unaware that someone else is very popular and has cool content, but still. I mean, with the LJ/DW model that moment of comparison is there whenever you subscribe, but you become aware of a range of numbers, and also then it fades somewhat from awareness for me. However on Tumblr you (or at least I) mostly notice the really popular numbers. For example I'm hardly going to celebrate my next Tumblr milestone which would be if ever the number of followers inched up to a round ten instead of currently eight. And I assume most other people with non-popular Tumblrs feel the same, so the impression gets distorted.

It's of course a completely irrational response to feel bad to have less audience than cool Tumblr X, but at the same time not even do anything to attract more people. If I wanted non-embarrassing follower milestone posts to happen, I would probably need to switch my topics from "mostly crappy doodles" to something with popularity potential, like say "James McAvoy with baby sloths" or something (as a side note, does that already exist? it should, I'd probably follow that), and post consistently and do all the other things that make a Tumblr attractive.
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When a Tumblr post contains more than one picture, with certain numbers some of the images tend to be resized rather small with maybe only one image largish. And then when I click the images I just get an annoying slideshow that barely makes the images larger and actually makes large images *smaller*. Is there a way to click somewhere (or change a setting somewhere) that enables me to see the images at their proper size as they were uploaded? Or at least at the 500px width resize Tumblr does for single picture posts?
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Is there some kind of customization for Tumblr (greasemonkey script, custom css or such) that would allow you to collapse certain image posts so you would not have to see them on your dashboard?
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How do I make the super annoying confetti background on my Tumblr dashboard stop? Can I turn this off? I could live with their 10 billionth post announcement on top, but not the moving color spots all over the screen. Otherwise I need to figure out how to stop this moving background (actually not just a simple background, it moves all over their buttons too) from displaying through my Firefox somehow. Why are they doing this to their users?!?

ETA: I figured out that this stops if you don't just reload the dashboard, but leave (like going to your Tumblr) and then come back. Then the announcement and the horrible confetti goes away.
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It turns out that while Tumblr allows you to put a "/" in your tags, it still gives you a 404 error when you click on a tag of that type. WTF? That is just broken.
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Is it possible on deviantArt to submit something that you stored in your scraps to a group, or is there some sort of conceptual block on that action making it impossible, due to the assumption that only polished stuff ought to be promoted in group galleries?

I'm asking because an XMFC group I'm watching has a gallery specifically to collect art meme responses, and I would like to submit mine, but because it's a meme and just quick doodles, I put it in my scraps rather than the regular gallery, as I do with all my drawbles/doodles and such on dA. I've poked around for a while now, but I can't seem to be able to submit them.

I don't want my many quick doodles totally swamp the art I put much more effort in, but I'd still like to participate in the more social, fun sharing of these. I mean, the group has a gallery just for art memes after all. So can this be achieved, or would I need to "trick" dA by creating a new regular gallery in which I put my memes, and then exclude them from "featured" and such for display purposes? That would be tedious work, and I rather only do that as a last resort.

And as I'm pondering ways how to best distribute fanart, here's a poll...
Poll #7767 So. Tumblr.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 18

Should I post my fanart to Tumblr too?

View Answers

NO. It's a horrible platform, don't encourage its growth.
1 (5.9%)

No, because posting the art there for "likes" and "reblogs" will just eat into the feedback you'd otherwise get in your usual venues.
1 (5.9%)

No, you don't post fanart frequently enough for your Tumblr to attract followers.
0 (0.0%)

No, because it makes you loose control over your pictures more (i.e. the reblogs sticking around after deletion of the original, I think?)
1 (5.9%)

No, because it would be completely redundant. You already crosspost the same content in many places, doing it in even more for the chance of more feedback is pathetic.
0 (0.0%)

Yes, because you'll reach a wider audience, and will get more feedback overall.
5 (29.4%)

Yes, because this way people using Tumblr can share your art by reblogging and you see that and get a feedback jolt, rather than them just uploading your art anyway without your permission and notice.
5 (29.4%)

Yes, because I'd find it more convenient to look at your fanart there.
1 (5.9%)

Yes, because that's where fanartists are these days, and you'd have more fun if you used your Tumblr rather than just lurking.
0 (0.0%)

I don't care about Tumblr, but as long as you still post your fanart here, it's all the same to me.
8 (47.1%)

I don't care about your fanart. I watch your journal only for the other content.
2 (11.8%)

So how is your relationship with Tumblr?

View Answers

I'm a (fan)artist and use Tumblr to post my own art (and possibly other stuff), and enjoy it.
0 (0.0%)

I'm a (fan)artist and use Tumblr to post my own art (and possibly other stuff), but I still don't like it much.
0 (0.0%)

I'm a (fan)artist and use Tumblr, but not for posting my own art, but for reblogging, and posting pictures that are not my own.
0 (0.0%)

I'm not a (fan)artist, but use my Tumblr to post other content I own.
0 (0.0%)

I'm not a (fan)artist, but use my Tumblr to reblog things or to post pictures that are not my own.
5 (27.8%)

I have a Tumblr, but I don't post to it, just lurk there to follow content (and maybe "like" things).
2 (11.1%)

I do not have a Tumblr, but I'm considering getting one.
1 (5.6%)

I do not have a Tumblr and no intention of getting one.
10 (55.6%)

Would you just shut up about Tumblr already?!
0 (0.0%)

If you have a Tumblr, what's its name?

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I thought I had seen the most ill-suited posting venue for fanfic when I encountered fans posting stories to deviantArt, but that has now been surpassed by far: Why on earth would anyone put a ficlet in the tag field in Tumblr?!? And not a five word story or the like either, but something that's abut 350 words accompanying a GIF? I mean, you can post text with a picture, why not do that? Is there a reason to make it a tag? It's actually not a bad Erik/Charles ficlet or gif, but omg the formatting...

And connected to this another Tumblr question: the post I linked above to illustrate is a reblog of the story in the [tumblr.com profile] erikandcharles Tumblr, because the original post you get to when clicking that reblog has apparently been deleted. So if others reblog your posts/pictures on Tumblr the reblog posts remain, and you can't delete your content? What about edits, i.e. say I posted a sketch to Tumblr, it gets reblogged by someone, then I notice that the hand of the character has the thumb on the wrong side or a similar error (don't laugh, that has happened to me with pictures) and edit my post with an upload of a corrected version. Will the correction propagate through the reblogs? Obviously there are pros/cons either way, i.e. if it does affect the reblogs you can do effective corrections, however because the nature of Tumblrs it would also open an easy way to abuse/spam or rickrolling, in that someone could post something attractive and pretty, wait a bit, then edit to shock image or the like. So would you have to live with wrongly thumbed hands forever when posting to Tumblr?
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I've been giving Noah the antibiotics since Saturday now, and even though the dose was so much larger than the last time I gave this, he seems to be okay with it. Unfortunately his breathing is still quite labored, so no fabulous improvement so far, but he doesn't look quite so wretched. It's nothing definite, but for a few days he just looked worse than now. Maybe I'm imagining things, but sometimes, even with no clear sickness signs (like like insufficient grooming, apathy, loose of appetite), a rat I know will just look "unwell" to me.

Anyway, Noah seems more lively, so I hope that the antibiotic is helping him. BTW, getting 1 ml of medication into a rat's mouth is not easy. I can't do it in one squeeze from the syringe because it's more than his mouth will hold, and will just spill, even if I manage to force the syringe into his mouth, and he gets more uncooperative with the proceedings for the second half. At least this antibiotics doesn't taste as bad as Baytril, so if some spills on his fur around the mouth he licks it up instead of frantically wiping and trying to spit it out. So I figure enough of it gets swallowed.

I still haven't managed to make Tumblr work properly with my Firefox, and some of the navigation is just cryptic. Like it took me a while to find out that the weird corner animation effect on the posts in my dashboard is the permalink I can get that way. Seriously, why didn't they mark the permalink as saying permalink or something more visible than a tiny animation effect that you can activate by hovering? I moused all over posts to find a link area, it was like one of those point-and-click room escape games, where you have to find an active pixel to get an action.

But I am starting to see the appeal of just getting a bunch of pictures. I'm seeing some neat stuff I would have otherwise missed, like this picture of Michael Fassbender wearing an Uncanny X-Men t-shirt that says "Magneto Triumphant!" (eta: though on a second look I think this may be photoshopped; still fun though). Also, if I followed more Sherlock comms or used twitter I probably would have seen it elsewhere, but I saw a link to that tweet from Mark Gatiss from the Sherlock filming that they had to abort a scene early because of approaching looters. o.O!

To finish on a better note, this is very pretty XMFC fanart with Charles and Erik pin-up posters (they are not naked, the art is SFW) by [livejournal.com profile] loobeeinthesky which I also first saw on Tumblr, but I'm linking to the LJ post, because I still like that better.
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It's no secret that I'm not fond of Tumblr. It's hard to talk there, so you can't get or give comments only "reblogs" and "likes" (unless there is some external Disqus thingie set up), and if artists don't provide art themselves for reblogging (so you can click-through), art and photos seem to be posted there without attribution more often than not.

However, I have been name-squatting there since 2007, and with the uptick in fannish use I thought, okay, maybe I'll try it out as a reader. So I log in, then go to a fanartist's Tumblr that I'd come across in a rec, go there and want to subscribe to the Tumblr. Where do I click?? I did manage to subscribe by doing a c&p on the name, and then going to my dashboard, then going to the "follow" page and entering it manually, but surely with the supposedly "easy to use" appeal of the thing there has to be a simpler method?

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