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So I've read about the English Wikipedia being blacked out today to protest that internet legislation, and wanted to see how it looks, but I can see it like always? So do they only black it out in the US? I'm confused.

Unrelated, I was totally right about the formula "McAvoy + sloths = insta-popularity".
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I thought I had seen the most ill-suited posting venue for fanfic when I encountered fans posting stories to deviantArt, but that has now been surpassed by far: Why on earth would anyone put a ficlet in the tag field in Tumblr?!? And not a five word story or the like either, but something that's abut 350 words accompanying a GIF? I mean, you can post text with a picture, why not do that? Is there a reason to make it a tag? It's actually not a bad Erik/Charles ficlet or gif, but omg the formatting...

And connected to this another Tumblr question: the post I linked above to illustrate is a reblog of the story in the [ profile] erikandcharles Tumblr, because the original post you get to when clicking that reblog has apparently been deleted. So if others reblog your posts/pictures on Tumblr the reblog posts remain, and you can't delete your content? What about edits, i.e. say I posted a sketch to Tumblr, it gets reblogged by someone, then I notice that the hand of the character has the thumb on the wrong side or a similar error (don't laugh, that has happened to me with pictures) and edit my post with an upload of a corrected version. Will the correction propagate through the reblogs? Obviously there are pros/cons either way, i.e. if it does affect the reblogs you can do effective corrections, however because the nature of Tumblrs it would also open an easy way to abuse/spam or rickrolling, in that someone could post something attractive and pretty, wait a bit, then edit to shock image or the like. So would you have to live with wrongly thumbed hands forever when posting to Tumblr?
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I don't understand how people who try to insert German endearments into their Charles/Erik fanfic end up with female endings. I get that English is deficient when it comes to the concept of grammatical gender, but the auto-translate bots tend to default to male (e.g. if you enter "my Beloved" into Google translate it gives you "mein Geliebter" as first choice not "meine Geliebte" though it gives you neuter if you don't capitalize, presumably because it assumes some noun ought to follow and is indecisive or something), and plenty of endearments authors could pick are the same for both genders anyway (e.g. "mein Schatz"). So how do authors arrive at the female endings? An additional question is of course whether Erik would choose German of all things as his love language to begin with.
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So I was randomly browsing, clicking through links on blogs, as you do, and came across some link to a contest on a site called which naturally I thought was site for fanart reviews, what with that being the domain name and all. I was curious, because I had never heard of it, so I clicked. Only it turns out it has nothing to do with fanart at all. It seems to be some sort of social site where people can sign up to post, review and sell their art and photography. I've tried to discern why on earth they have "fanart" in their site name, but couldn't figure it out. It seems to be owned by something called ", Inc." which incidentally has nothing to do with fanfic either, but has some sort of writing contests. I don't get it. If it was "artfanreviews" that might have made a little sense, like fans of art reviewing stuff, but this? IDEK.
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Is it just me or is in the LJ site scheme for comments suddenly the blue background bit shorter, so that the icon appears to be hanging over and everything looks more cramped?

ETA: I just looked at the LJ help page, and they list "Comment pages in some site schemes are displaying incorrectly. LiveJournal staff are investigating." in the Known Issues section. So it seems this isn't intentional at least, and might get fixed. Though how they managed to mess up their default layout for half their schemes (it doesn't show for me in the Horizon scheme, but when I'm logged in and use the old XColibur scheme I cling to, it does, ditto for the light style) without intending to, I don't want to know.
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I just went to the Google News site, and it loads, but doesn't aggregate anything, i.e. the modules displayed but there's no news in them. Is this just me? Like maybe I accidentally changed some mysterious setting or something? Or do others have this problem too?
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I wonder whether all the spam filters emails have to pass don't at least increase the amusement value of the subject lines that still get through.

I mean, of the last four spam messages that ended up in my inbox instead of the spam folder two were at least nicely dadaist, i.e. "mid-aged moose fly" and "new-built ordeal tree", and another one had the subject line "more suo omni-ignorant" which doesn't make a lot of sense (suo??), but "omni-ignorant" is just a great word, IMO.

I'm still puzzled by getting spam though that even in the message body is all random text, no attachments or included images, which is just bizarre. I get the random text additions when their intention is to fool the spam filters so that you can see the picture advertising Viagra or whatever, or open the virus attachment, but why send just random text fragments with nonsense subject lines?
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What is the fanfic sub-genre that baffles you the most, like a plot device or kink or whatever, that you would have never guessed even existed as a button for others, yet there is a bunch of fic for it (or at least more than a few, I don't mean really rare bizarreness like Fawkes/Squid fanfic or whatever).

I think for me it is fanfic turning canonically unrelated characters into family in order to then have an incest fic rather like regular slash (I haven't just seen this happening with het ships, but I guess it might as well). It's not that common but for example on [ profile] painless_j's Snape/Harry Incest thematic list are a dozen stories or so, and I've seen it with other characters as well.
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My sister gave me an advent calendar today, which in itself wouldn't be weird. But you know how those things usually are winter or x-mas themed? Well this one has some kind of vaguely Arabic/1001 Nights theme (crappy photo, about 40K), and in addition to the chocolate (hmm, Lindt chocolates...) you get some kind of Arabian proverb behind every door. I have to admit that I don't quite get it, why produce an advent calendar that has nothing to do with Christmas or any of the other usual seasonal trappings? And why Arabian proverbs? I mean, it's an advent calendar. Actually the one my sister has is even stranger in that it doesn't go until the 24th but has doors until New Year. Huh. Yay for increasing secularization, I guess. You can now have advent calendars without them being advent calendars in that they count to Christmas. And incidentally also have more chocolate. :)
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I've long since given up to understand politics in the US (I mean, what's with Americans and this affinity for movie actors in politics?), but from time to time articles catch my eye, like one about Texas Democrats fleeing to neighboring states to prevent some vote on redistricting.

Texas Democrats taking refuge in New Mexico [...] Van de Putte and 10 fellow Democrats in the Texas Senate fled to Albuquerque last month to break a quorum and prevent a vote on the redistricting plan, [...] Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives did the same thing in May, taking off to Oklahoma to stop the plan.

(quoted from this Reuters article)

I couldn't help but to imagine bands of outlaws fleeing with a backdrop of some dusty Western cliche town....
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I've watched the X-Men 2 movie twice, and I still didn't consciously notice that Nightcrawler only has three fingers on each hand, and only two toes on each foot. I mean, I guess I must have seen it, but it didn't really register. Then I read an X-Men comic ("God Loves, Man Kills" in case anyone is interested), and only through that I became aware of this rather obvious fact for the first time. My observational skills are truly pathetic.
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I just finished reading Batman: Bruce Wayne Murderer? (in single issues) and I have no idea how the timeline in this story is supposed to work. Some parts have to take place sort of "interlaced" but I have no idea how all the overlapping storylines fit together. I mean there are the Bruce Wayne Murderer? parts, but simultaneously there's the prison riot taking place in the Nightwing series, the kidnapping case in the Robin series, the Blue Beetle thing in Birds of Prey, the stuff with Spoiler's dad...

What I have a problem with is particularly the timelines of Robin's and Nightwing's appearances at the different places, and who is with Oracle at which times and in what sequence, I could mostly follow the other characters. So if I'm trying to sort out the main characters movements in each issue it goes something like this:

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? Prelude: "The Fool's Errand" -- Batman: The 10 Cent Adventure
Batman / Bruce and Sasha are arrested early in the morning in the manor after a night of crimefighting for the Fairchild murder.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #1: "Procedure" -- Detective Comics #766
Bruce and Sasha are booked and taken to the police station, the cops say it "is not past six" yet, during the day (?) they are interrogated, Alfred hears the news and leaves Brentwood Academy, leaving a note to Tim (it seems to be evening, night or early morning as Alfred leaves, at least it's still dark.)

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #2 -- Batgirl #24
Earlier that morning Oracle hears the 911 call, Nightwing is on police patrol, Batman not reachable. Batgirl arrives at the manor when Bruce and Sasha are arrested, leaves after the police found the gun.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #3: "Bustout" -- Nightwing #65
The night of the murder Nightwing is on patrol as Nightwing, he changes into to his police uniform around dawn (?), by the time he shows up for the third shift the murder is already on the news, he bribes a fellow cop to shift his duty to a prisoner transport. The riot in Lockhaven starts, Nightwing visits Bruce in a holding cell, after that he drops off Oates (the cop with whom did the transport) at some strip bar for "on duty fun" promising to pick him up later (as far as I can tell he never does in any of the later parts), and visits Oracle. He's with her at the end of the part, meanwhile in Blüdhaven Lockhaven prison burns.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #4: "No Exit" -- Gotham Knights #25
Alfred is on a train getting to Gotham, Bruce's arraignment hearing is in the afternoon. Dick picks up Alfred at the station, Alfred goes to the hearing, Dick waits outside, afterwards they part in front of the court house. Barbara visits Bruce, who's now at Blackgate.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #5: "The Gun" -- Birds of Prey #39
Oracle runs a virtual battle simulation for Blue Beetle, it's (most likely) the evening or night after the hearing (?), after Blue Beetle leaves, she contacts Dinah. It is the next day (Blue Beetle's doctor's appointment takes place that Oracle arranged for one o'clock). Dinah is at the clocktower, Oracle tells her to investigate Fairchild. Oracle visits Sasha as a lawyer. It's evening (?) when Spoiler shows up at Fairchild's place and encounters Dinah there, Oracle is still in her car.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #6: "The Thin Line" -- Robin #98
Tim meets Alfred as he is about to leave. Tim knows that Bruce told Dick to back off the investigation when they met in holding. It is day as Alfred leaves, so the darkness at the end Detective Comics #766 must have been just before dawn. That day Kip's kidnappers wait for an opportunity. We see the Spoiler at night trying to get into the Batcave, where she meets Batgirl, both can't get in. It's evening when Kip's kidnapping takes place. Tim (without costume) tries to pursue, but falls, he's lying unconscious on a street at the end of the issue.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #7: "From the Inside Out" -- Batman #599
Sasha and Bruce are both at Blackgate. It's night at the start of the issue, another day and night passes, then during the next day Alfred visits Bruce, the next evening Bruce (or rather Batman without costume at that point) beats up the Aryans shortly before lights out, the next morning the headline reports this.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #8: "Timeless" -- Detective Comics #767
Blackgate from Sasha's POV.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #9: "The Unusual Suspects" -- Nightwing #66
Nightwing is with Oracle, the first time we see the clocktower it's a bit before four. When Nightwing heads out it shows a bit after eight (though it's dark?) The Lockhaven riot is ongoing. Nightwing investigates Moxon, when he comes back to the tower the clock five past eleven. Oracle informs Nightwing about the Lockhaven situation and he heads towards Blüdhaven. He confronts Amygdala inside the prison. (That scene is directly continued in the opening scene of Nightwing #67, where he finishes that fight.)

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #10: "Innocent Until" -- Gotham Knights #26
In the opening sequence Nightwing stands on a bridge pillar looking over Gotham harbor towards Blackgate (at night). He talks with Robin, this talk is talking place after Oracle visited Bruce in Blackgate, and that Nightwing says "Oracle went to see him when he was still in Blackgate" could indicate that it takes place after Bruce went to the meeting with the DA (though that doesn't really fit with the rest of the issue). Alfred is at the manor, cleaning, Leslie visits (still night). Nightwing is with Oracle after his meeting with Robin (the clocktower shows half past three now), Oracle says they already had this conversation (about the possible guilt of Bruce) referring to Nightwing #66, most likely the first conversation there. Still at night (the clocktower shows a time either ten before eleven, or five before ten, but by now I assume the times are just random...) Robin comes to talk to Oracle, he and Nightwing talk while they fight some criminals, Nightwing leaves Robin to talk to Alfred, who's in the Batcave, Leslie visits Bruce at Blackgate (it's still night).

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #11: "Where the Road Ends" -- Robin #99
Tim wakes up from unconsciousness, runs back to the school, then to Oracle to use her computer resources in the kidnapping case. He meets Spoiler and Dinah who are with Oracle, who check Devlin Davenport's statement, Spoiler and Robin deal with Kip's kidnapping. Tim goes back to the school, where he get the phone call from his father telling him that he's broke.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? #12: "Switchback" -- Birds of Prey #40
Spoiler is together with Dinah (probably soon after the end of BOP #39, where they also where together), it's night, they go back to the clocktower to meet with Oracle. Dinah and Spoiler leave to deal with some of Spoiler's family problems. Meanwhile Blue Beetle calls Oracle informing her about his heart condition, afterwards Blue Beetle is attacked by some robot bug someone sent to him. Back at Oracle's place Robin is there, talking to Oracle about Fairchild and what she knew about Batman's identity (Nightwing is not there), Spoiler and Black Canary attack Riddler and Cluemaster (Spoiler's father) at Spoiler's home. Robin is still with Oracle as they hear the news reports of Bruce's escape. Robin leaves, intending to go to the Batcave, Nightwing has heard the news too and is driving back to the cave too.

I tried to figure out how the sequence of events is, especially all those visits by Nightwing, Robin, Dinah and the Spoiler with Oracle at the clocktower, and how what the different people do (and how much time seems to pass) could possibly fit together, but I have no idea.


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I'm confused by the new Angel ep.

Spoilers for Angel 4x12 Calvary... )

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