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I thought I had seen the most ill-suited posting venue for fanfic when I encountered fans posting stories to deviantArt, but that has now been surpassed by far: Why on earth would anyone put a ficlet in the tag field in Tumblr?!? And not a five word story or the like either, but something that's abut 350 words accompanying a GIF? I mean, you can post text with a picture, why not do that? Is there a reason to make it a tag? It's actually not a bad Erik/Charles ficlet or gif, but omg the formatting...

And connected to this another Tumblr question: the post I linked above to illustrate is a reblog of the story in the [tumblr.com profile] erikandcharles Tumblr, because the original post you get to when clicking that reblog has apparently been deleted. So if others reblog your posts/pictures on Tumblr the reblog posts remain, and you can't delete your content? What about edits, i.e. say I posted a sketch to Tumblr, it gets reblogged by someone, then I notice that the hand of the character has the thumb on the wrong side or a similar error (don't laugh, that has happened to me with pictures) and edit my post with an upload of a corrected version. Will the correction propagate through the reblogs? Obviously there are pros/cons either way, i.e. if it does affect the reblogs you can do effective corrections, however because the nature of Tumblrs it would also open an easy way to abuse/spam or rickrolling, in that someone could post something attractive and pretty, wait a bit, then edit to shock image or the like. So would you have to live with wrongly thumbed hands forever when posting to Tumblr?
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Am I imagining that it's quieter than usual? Is everyone on vacation? Absconded to *hiss* Tumblr?

As for some totally random fannish commentary, why am I still not inured to the name smooshes, but still aghast anew in every fandom I acquire? (Meaning of course the smooshes Cherik and Charik I've been seeing around for Charles/Erik, just like last time around I was baffled at Mckick for Kirk/Spock/McCoy and cringing at Spirk.)


Jul. 27th, 2011 22:08
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I have finally found an animal-sex inspired fanfic that is weirder than the marsupial mpreg series in SGA: Ballistic Penises and Corkscrew Vaginas by [personal profile] longsufferingly. It's J2, but not even my RPF squick could stop my curiosity after I watched the linked videos of duck penises that were the inspiration.
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I just came across a header with the line "Warnings: miscsquick". What is that supposed to mean? I guess there is a typo in there somewhere so the warning could be "misc. squick" which has to be the most useless warning ever, because just knowing that "miscellaneous squicks" are in there doesn't help you any to decide whether to read or not, unless you are sure that you have no squicks whatsoever. After all "miscellaneous" could mean the story was say someone killing puppies and then molesting their corpses in necrophiliac bestiality. (Glancing through the story I think the warning was just intended for a worn underwear fetish, not puppy necrophilia. That was just my mind combining the first miscellaneous squick I thought of, i.e. animal harm, with the PWP genre of the story, in a guess.)

Or the line could have been intended as "might squick" which is equally useless, because any kink is someone else's squick. I guess both could just be a variant of "caveat, author doesn't use warnings", which is fine, but then why not say so?

Seriously, if you warn for some squicks, say what the potentially squicky things are, or say outright that you don't warn.
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I have just seen a Kirk/Spock/McCoy fic tagged as "Mckick". Granted, on the story itself rather than the journal's tags it was written out, so don't know whether this was just for tag brevity or is really used as pairing name proper somewhere, but even with knowing the pairing it took me a bit to decipher what this tag on the post meant. Smooshes just get the more confusing the more people are involved.
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As the Archive of Our Own is doing performance testing of the new servers, I was doing random searches, but this reminded me why I normally don't do this. I saw explicit Joseph Ratzinger RPS. Yikes. Just when I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore.
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I know I have ranted about the usage of "Spock Prime" in the narrative and dialog just a few days ago, but since then I've come across this far more often. Like every day I see stories doing this. More than one. It occurs even in stories that I found on rec lists, not through random, at-your-own-risk browsing. (In case you're wondering, [personal profile] musesfool recced this offender.) Just, WTF? This is getting out of hand if you can't even trust recs to protect you.

Please tell me that some fan somewhere has written a Greasemonkey script or something to do word replacements on the fly in your browser to fix epithets, and I can adapt this to replace every "Spock Prime" with "Ambassador Spock".

ETA: Thanks to the awesome [personal profile] gnatkip I have now indeed found a script that will do this word replacement for me. Greasemonkey to the rescue.
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Up to now I've thought that "Snermione" was the most unfortunate smooshed pairing name I've seen "in the wild" (i.e. used by someone unironically just to name the pairing rather than in posts mocking the most hilarious potential name combinations), but I think I may have to revise this in light of having just seen "Spirk" on a story search. I'm not completely sure what I object to in particular, except that calling it "Kock" would be as easy to pronounce, even funnier and comply with the traditional K/S order. Seriously though, "Spirk"?!?
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Sometimes fanfic is really weird. See, I've been reading an X-Files story, which started normal enough. It was a Profiler!Mulder story with an X-Files twist in that Mulder forms some sort of psychic connection with the killers and victims, and so on, cue to Mulderangst. Which was the kind of story I wanted to read. Only then suddenly out of nowhere some green, winged horse shows up and brings Mulder to a blue anthropomorphic cat shapeshifter alien who starts talking about fighting interdimensional demons. What? Just, what? I have no idea how this continued, because the story rather lost me at that point.

What irks me most is was that I read over half of this long novel, which I thought was one thing, and then without warning it turned into something completely different. It had a summary and warnings for all kinds of things which indicated that this was a serial killer story with child molestation, but nothing mentioned mystical furry aliens fighting evil on psychic planes. Gah. What a waste of time.
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Okay, so in general I don't care that much about safe sex issues in fiction, not even in contemporary fandoms where you could reasonably expect it to come up. But if characters are about to have unsafe sex, then one actually comments on this being unsafe, and the other replies with something like "It's okay, I'm always careful." and the first one is then okay with it, my reaction is pretty much WTF? because isn't s/he just about to engage in unsafe sex just then? That pretty much contradicts the whole reassurance. It's different if they have this conversation once they're exclusive and assure each other that they've been tested for STDs recently or whatever, but during first time sex, not so much. And it's not that I don't believe that people sometimes act stupid like that, and there's a few characters for whom behavior like that might be in character, but in general I'd rather not see my favorite characters act stupid.
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Okay, I dread boring exposition dumps as much as the next reader, but while I'm not actually opposed to AUs that randomly cast canonically purely human characters as something with claws, merely encountering a sentence like "His extended claws clicked on the metal." will throw me out of a story. I mean, some kind of noticeable setup for this would have really helped, as I tend to assume (not unreasonably I think) the character's basic anatomy to be like what I'm familiar with, especially if the source media doesn't have any humanoid clawed creatures at all. So I'd like some hint what the character is supposed to be now that he suddenly isn't human anymore. Were-creature? Shapeshifter? Animal-hybrid? Mutant?

ETA: Why did I read on? Right, I was curious, only did I still not get an explanation for the claws, but instead there's now added a similarly unexplained "double row of extra-mammary nipples" -- albeit on another formerly human character, who btw is male in canon. Seriously...what?!? I don't think finding out why there are claws is worth more of this.


Sep. 16th, 2006 10:50
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In general I'm not much of a pro-warnings person when it comes to fanfic, but sometimes I can truly appreciate the detailed system. Like just now I could avoid reading something because it had an "eyeball mutilation" warning, which is a good thing as I have a squick about eyes being poked and such. (I can probably blame it on childhood trauma and too many eye exams.) And seriously, that site had a separate warnings category for that in its search options, which when I checked it out of curiosity resulted in several stories too. I guess kinks come in all kinds.
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[livejournal.com profile] brown_betty discussed a story that somehow featured Clark identifying with Kermit the frog, and I read that post (not the story though) and chatted a bit with [livejournal.com profile] thete1 about DC/Muppets fusion possibilities in the comments, and as a result I had the image of Superman!Kermit and Lois!Piggy stuck in my head. Worse I now actually have committed both to paper in cracktastic doodles. All that's missing now is Jimmy!Fozzie and Nightwing!Gonzo. Both of which I might actually draw next. *headdesk*

Fandom is not good for my sanity.

ETA: While looking for Gonzo pictures to draw him, I saw that he was cast as Darth Vader Nadir in the Muppet SW parody. Why didn't I know about this before?
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I generally don't do ff.net mocking, because I've actually read a fair amount of good fic there, and even more that I quite enjoyed despite some problems, but some things are just too amusing not to quote. Like, why would anyone finish their summary with "I'm no good at writing these things so just read it."? WTF? I guess "these things" are supposed to refer to summaries, and excuse why the summary wasn't that enticing (though honestly it wasn't all that bad either), but that's not the best advertising strategy. OTOH maybe it was some sneaky reverse psychology thing, because in the end I did read the story after all... Heh.
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I just saw a Harry/Tonks story labeled "Honks" (unfortunate enough, some pairings really shouldn't be given smushed names), but all I could think for a moment was "penguins!". Clearly I have read too much SGA crack!fic...
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I've wondered in the past about the peculiarities of eyes in fanfic, but I just read a passage describing eyes with "ice and ichor" and I was like wtf? Isn't ichor, like, pus or something? I know it's originally from some Greek mythology thing or other, but still. Anyway, regardless of the potential nuances of "ichor" I might be missing, I was just grossed out. Eyes like ice and pus?! Ick. Also, it didn't much sound like the voice of the POV character either.
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I have just read the first sentences of a bad het sex scene that caused me to imagine really gross things. The worst sentence:
"[...] He heard her scream at the same time her inner muscles gripped him fiercely, and then he burst. [...]"
Since that sex scene was right at the start of the story and the summary didn't give much info I thought at first it might be like a horror story or something, like she's a monster that squishes his penis until he bursts and then bleeds to death, but unfortunately that was apparently meant to describe an orgasm without permanent injuries, even though you wouldn't think so from that gross icky unfortunate description. >.<

It's moments like these that make me reconsider my policy to randomly browse archives rather than rely solely on recs and "safe" authors. OTOH I find fun and entertaining stuff too, so it all balances out in the end...
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Every once in a while I read Dark Angel fanfic. Sadly, more often than not I regret that I went looking for DA fanfic soon after, as I'm once again reminded why I usually don't read in that fandom, and then abstain for another year or two. I have no idea whether I just don't know where to look, or whether there's some general problem or what, but somehow really decent Dark Angel fiction seems rarer than you'd think.

It's not that I'm all that picky, either. But some things are absolutely frustrating. For example: There is absolutely no need to have Logan turn out insane, evil or both, just because the author wants to ship Max with Alec. What's worse (and here's where the frustrating part comes in) is that as a reader you can find yourself several chapters into a decent and entertaining action-adventure/romance story before it becomes clear that the author intends to turn one of the main characters into an irrational psychopath (and not the one who had a mentally unstable twin either), and on some level you'd still like to know how the story will end, yet you'd have to put up with one character being a bizarre pod-person in order to do so.

Seriously why? I get that it's expedient to get Logan out of the picture, at least romance-wise, for a Max/Alec fic, but why go for character bashing of the really idiotic type on top of that? I mean, even as someone who is not much of a Max/Alec shipper, I am not so unconvinced of the possibility for this pairing that I could only see it if Logan turned out to be evil. Aargh.
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So, still being bored and listless I, as notorious AU junkie, found myself looking for Harry Potter AUs tonight. And clearly it's a shame that in all those sorting hat quizzes I'm never sorted into Gryffindor, for I am (apparently) fearless and lacking in common sense, and thus browsing ff.net without guidance. And there I found this summary:

Unicorn Child by Felinity
AU What if Voldemort had killed Lily and James Potter but only attacked Harry 3 years later? At the age of 4, after defeating Voldemort, Harry is alone and scared and runs away. He is taken in by a herd of unicorns. Will he ever return to "his kind" again?

which improved my mood greatly (and I hope the neighbors don't mind loud laughter in the middle of the night too much). I haven't tried the story, since unicorns really aren't my thing, so for all I know it's a great story if you dig unicorns. I mean, it got nearly a thousand comments for its seven chapters, so apparently it works for its readership, and I have enough peculiar kinks myself to get that-- and yet. Taken in by unicorns. *giggle*
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As much as I enjoy reading Dasha's Ordinary Magic series, and its unusual take on Jim and Blair's connection, lines like these somehow still make me do a double take, even when I know it's not meant to be a physical action:

"He came closer and neatly hooked himself into my stomach with a click I could almost hear."

"I extended a finger, snared a bubble tangled in Blair above his ear, and gently tugged it out. It came away, slowly, with a popping sound Blair gave no sign of hearing."

The quotes are from Ordinary Magic Part 4: Feng Shui.


Jun. 22nd, 2003 00:39
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There are some things that could only happen in TS fandom. Like a gen archive posting policies on "bonding fic":

"[...] In the future, CL will no longer archive or link to stories that contain bonding scenes which could be as viewed as homoerotic. This includes stories in which the characters remove key articles of clothing or physically "bond" in a manner that implies near-sexual content. Specific examples of this would include (but are not limited to) total nakedness of either/both characters, touching/physical contact over private areas of the body, sensations which could be construed as an orgasm, and mention of implied sexual attraction between characters of the same sex. [...]"
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Summaries I really could have done without reading:
"Jim tries to adjust to life with the elf tribe [...]"
Gah. Not only elves, no it's tribal elves. Maybe I shouldn't open random part 0 posts on SXF.
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I know writing blurbs is hard, but really does anybody expect me to check out a TS story with this summary?
"What do you get when you put a hamster and two hungry spirit guides together?"
(found in the newest MyMongoose e-zine)

I mean, hamsters?!? wtf?!?

Though compared to the horrors of the last MyMongoose e-zine summaries I read (in this one), I guess hamsters are an improvement.
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...is for example why on TLAD (a TS fiction only list that unlike SXF requires no warnings) everybody posts the stories with warnings anyway. I mean, there is only a fraction of the TS stories posted to TLAD compared to the mail volume of SXF, this year not quite two dozen so far. And only two were posted without warnings. And it is not only stories posted through the archive interface that still have warnings, though that is the majority, today there was an announcement post that had warnings even more prominently than the regular part 0 posts. I like to read summaries, I don't like warnings, the part 0 is a compromise that hides warnings somewhat, though with the interface that posts to SXF and TLAD it still lumps all story info together. Obviously most authors prefer to post with warnings and only post to SXF. That's okay of course.

There are only few who make the effort to post to TLAD at all. So why do these people when posting to a no warnings list still warn?! I don't get it. Even the archive template can't really explain it. So it generates a part 0, breaks the story into parts, and formats the story for the archive. IIRC the 852 Prospect explanation for using it, explains the poster should let the archive first send a copy to the person who uploads to check the formatting anyway. Why not let the archive do the formatting and uploading and then when posting to a no warning list like TLAD just forward the story posts and edit the part 0 to delete the warnings? That wouldn't take much longer. And if that is already too much effort, why post to a no warnings list at all?

TLAD has no rule against warnings, but still. I joined TLAD because I had hoped to find a warning free alternative to SXF. Now I'm on TLAD to make a sort of statistical statement that there are indeed TS fans, who don't need or want extensive warnings. I certainly don't continue to be on TLAD because I were actually getting any stories without warnings.

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