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When You Are Done, by Jujuberry136. Gen. (ca. 27,140 words)
Criminal Minds/Supernatural
This is the sequel to The Time Has Come to Be Gone, that I recced in the past, and just as much fun. I liked the casefile, and that there was some comic relief mixed with the horror.

Crooked Line, by miss_zedem. Slash, Charlie Eppes/John Sheppard, Charlie/Colby. (ca. 8,600 words)
This is set during The Return for SGA, but its premise is that there was a relationship between John and Charlie in the past and they are meeting again for a temporary reunion. I really liked that this was low on the relationship angst and drama, yet not a PWP either.

Better Know an Alien, by Salieri. Gen. (ca. 1,200 words)
The Colbert Report/Farscape
This was simply hilarious.

Rebuild the Bridges in Your Mind, by st_aurafina. Gen, Greg House, Robert Chase, with implied Chase/Cameron and Chase/Jason Stryker. (ca. 25,600 words)
House/X-Men Movieverse
In this Chase is mutant. It's a really solid crossover that makes House mesh well with the X-Men universe.
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There have accumulated far fewer crossover recs than AU recs since my last recs updates several months ago, so that seemed less daunting.

My Brother's Keeper, by Ducks-in-a-row. Gen. (ca. 9,400 words)
Sam is in a coma for supernatural reasons, and Dean clashes with House and his team, all in a way that is a lot of fun to read. I think these mesh quite well because it's not like House's procedures and patient interactions are anything like happens in hospitals, so throwing in zombies does not stretch the House universe of wacky medicine too far.

The Noodle Fic, or Mama Bears Don't Stand Aside, by Tassos. Het, John/Aeryn. (ca. 13,290 words)
I've followed this as a WIP, and now it is finished and quite awesome. Don't mind the odd title, this is a solid crossover, in which John and Aeryn scrape by post-PKW, and end up working with Mal and his crew because they need a doctor for D'argo.

Bad Pennies, by Troyswann. Gen. (ca. 4,000 words)
MacGyver/Stargate: SG-1
This crossover seems like it could be right out of a MacGyver episode, only better because the SG-1 team is involved.
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Doubt, by ALEO. Gen, Don Eppes. (ca. 8,300 words)
I recced the previous two stories in this series already (Unexplained and Explained), and this one is a good read too. The Supernatural world functions more as a vehicle for Don-whump than as equal crossover partner in this one, but it's not as if I dislike seeing Don hurt, and angst while he adjusts his worldview to the supernatural.

Unwilling Oracle, by Beatrice Otter. Gen, John Crichton, Kira Nerys. (ca. 1,870 words)
Farscape/Star Trek: Deep Space 9
This has a really cool premise meshing the wormhole mythologies.

Angels in the Architecture , by Davincis_girl. (ca. 12,000 words)
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
I think the two universes are a great mix, especially when it comes to the various teenage experiences of growing up with pseudo-military training, and here John Connor travels back to 1999 and gets the teenaged Sam and Dean to help him.

Downloaded series, by Ennyousai. Slash and het, Kirk/McCoy, Scotty/Six. WIP (for the series, the stories are finished)
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Star Trek: Reboot
I'm not familiar with BSG, but the author's notes said it would work if you just knew ST and it did work great as a Star Trek AU.

The Time Has Come to Be Gone, by Jujuberry136. Gen. (ca. 28,950 words)
Criminal Minds/Supernatural
I enjoy stories with the Criminal Minds team meeting and dealing with the Winchesters, and this one is a good action/case story.

The Mutant Problem, by Katt. Gen. (ca. 7,900 words)
This is a very cool multimedia fanfic in the form of a fictional photo essay by Peter Parker.

Pigs in Spaaaaaaaace, by Kayim. (ca. 2,580 words)
Muppets/Star Trek
How could I not love a crossover between Star Trek and Pigs in Space?

For I Have Been a Stranger in a Foreign Land, by Mortigi_tempo. Slash, Kirk/Spock. WIP (ca. 10,000 words so far)
Dune/Star Trek: Reboot
This is a very cool crossover setup. Kirk and Spock get stranded on Arrakis.

Northern Lights, by Se_parsons. Gen. (ca. 9,700 words)
Supernatural/The X-Files
In this one we get an outsider POV of the Winchester family as Mulder and Scully run into them during an investigation.

To Become Immortal, First You Have to Die, by ShadowLoverK. Gen. (ca. 3,200 words)
Highlander/Star Trek: Reboot
Kirk is an immortal and has his first death from an allergic reaction during the movie.

Abnormal Psychology (ca. 1,440 words) and A Sam Adams Moment (ca. 1,500 words), by Siriaeve. Gen, Sweets, John Sheppard.
Bones/Stargate: Atlantis
Sweets working for the SGC is just an awesome and funny premise.

A Thousand Pages, by Tartanshell. Gen, Scott Summers, Matt Murdock. (ca. 6,250 words)
In this Matt and Scott were penpals fo a while as teenagers, then meet again as adults.


Dec. 30th, 2008 19:40
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The [livejournal.com profile] yuletart gift for me was just posted, and it's great! I got lovely Farscape art, showing Aeryn Sun, and you should look at it too.
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Pass the Pork-Barrel Salt, by Gwendolyn Grace and Etakyma. Gen, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Josh Lyman, Donna Moss, C.J. Cregg. (ca. 5,000 words)
Supernatural/The West Wing
Josh meets the Winchesters during a "Big Block of Cheese Day". This crossover is simply a lot of fun.

Begotten and Gingerbread, by Nilchance. Gen, Alec, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Boby Singer. WIP
Dark Angel/Supernatural
I'm not actually sure whether this is a series or a WIP, but I find it intriguing so far, because in this crossover the timelines of DA and SPN don't seem to have been messed with to mesh them, but instead Alec somehow ended up in 2008, though neither he nor the Winchesters seem to know the how or why yet.

Travelled on his looks, by Petronelle. Gen, Fraser, Ray K., Dick Grayson, Tim Drake. (ca. 2,200 words)
DC Universe/Due South
I'm not much interested in crossdressing, but Fraser and Ray teaming up with the Batclan here was fun.

Untitled, by Tassosss. Gen, Teyla Emmagan, Aeryn Sun. (ca. 2,840 words)
Farscape/Stargate: Atlantis
Teyla and Aeryn team up for a jailbreak, which is simply a great scenario.

Woman Inflammable, by Vehemently. Gen, John Winchester, Sarah Connor. (ca. 4,660 words)
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
I really enjoyed this insight into John at the beginning of his hunting life, and the outsider look at Sarah. And of course John would have the worst luck in that that he picks Sarah Connor & Co to run into early on.

where the grass is green and the girls are pretty (ca. 2,165 words) and its sequel oh, won't you please take me home (ca. 2,700 words), by Vorrothiel. Gen, Ash, John Connor.
There's something about crossovers between Supernatural and Terminator that really appeals to me. The universes just go together like hazelnuts and chocolate, IMO. Anyway, this one has the unique premise that Ash used to know John Connor in high school.
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An Unlikely Meeting, by Cofax. Gen, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Chiana, Rygel, John Crichton. (ca. 1,030 words)
This just a snippet, more an opening into a universe than a full story, but what we get is such a cool crossover setup that it's worth pointing out regardless.

Nor Hell A Fury, by Lucy Gillam. Gen, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Dennis Guilder, Christine. (ca. 14,800 words)
Stephen King's Christine/Supernatural
I haven't read Christine, but this was still a very enjoyable casefile type of story with neat twists in the the car's background. So if you like to read about the Winchesters hunting monsters or evil cars in this case, you should give this a try.

Untaken Roads, by Tassos. Gen, Dean Winchester, John Crichton. (ca. 4,500 words)
Farscape/Stargate: Atlantis/Supernatural
This gives us another glimpse at Crichton as Runner, like in the previous FS/SGA crossover by Tassos that I've also recced. And seeing him interact with Dean is just fun.

Also, I forgot to c&p one of my SGA AU recs in the recs post yesterday, so I decided to tack it onto this one:

Choice of Duty, by Kyrdwyn. Gen, John Sheppard, Radek Zelenka. (ca. 4,680 words)
The premise here is that John is ex-military, and didn't join the Atlantis mission as military, but as a scientist. After Sumner's death, which happens later here than in canon, he's drafted back into active duty by Elizabeth. I'm not sure I see Elizabeth quite this way, but the interaction between John and Radek made this a nice read.
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Recs page maintenance is a nightmare these days with all the moving, and worse, f-locking of stories. Just between the last update about a month ago and today several stories have been yanked, actually almost as many as I'm adding in this update. :(


Unrealized Peacekeeper, by OneEye. Het, John/Gilina, John/Aeryn. (over 175,000 words) WIP
This AU is inspired by the scene in the Farscape episode Unrealized Reality in which we glimpse the possibility of Crichton as a Peacekeeper captain. It's a very plausible background for how that could have come to pass through just a small change, i.e. what if the wormhole that brought him to the UTs deposited him about ten feet to the right of his original exit point. And this works actually without making Crichton not like himself in any way, nor does the story gloss over the Peacekeeper's ideology and actions we see in canon. Besides it is a great action-adventure that incorporates a lot of elements and events from the episodes.

Stargate: Atlantis

Wild Nest, No Prison (ca. 2,000 words), Sharp and Sided Hail (ca. 2,375 words), and I Am Not the Thing I Was (ca.2,500 words), by Brat Farrar. Gen, John Sheppard. The individual stories are finished, but the universe (with some more bits and fragments already posted here) is still a WIP.
These are set in version of the SGA universe where magic works and is as commonplace as science, and I really enjoy how parts of the larger mythology shine through, but then I adore world-building.

Splinters and Stones, by Kat Reitz and Perryvic. Slash, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett, Rodney McKay/Other, John Sheppard/Other. (ca. 100,800 words)
For the purposes of full disclosure, a big part of why I enjoyed this so much is that I have a slavefic and non-con kink, which is also why I liked the CSI story set in this universe by the same authors, which however was more focused on the kink aspects than this one. One of the main points of difference in this AU is that it has some kind of feudalistic structure with an imperial government and feudal houses, and people can be subject to certain kinds of slavery that works like debt bondage or indentured servitude. Anyway, even if you aren't into slavefic in particular, the world-building is very cool, and there is lots of plot and plenty h/c.

Theory of Evolution, by Lavvyan. Slash, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay. (ca. 42,000 words)
It's another Conversion AU in which John's transformation isn't fully reversed. This one is long and has a nice amount of angst. Also, I just have a soft spot for Bug!John in general.

Aegis, by Leah and Springwoof. Slash, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay. (ca. 90,700 words)
The ATA gene in this AU is somewhat more common than in canon and doesn't just enable people to interface with Ancient technology, but gives them special abilities.

Out into the real world, by Mithreon. Slash, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay. (ca. 20,000 words)
It's a fusion of the SGA characters with The Matrix. I didn't quite get all of The Matrix context, because I've only seen the first movie, and I think this takes place in the future after the third or something, but I could follow it well enough.

Five Ways They Weren't Pirates (or: Scenes from Five SGA Pirate AUs), by Sholio. Gen, Het, Slash, team, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan. (ca. 6,000 words)
So I'm not actually all that fond of pirates, and I am a bit frustrated with "five things" stories that kind of tease you with cool AU possibilities, and make you want to learn the whole story behind them, but the snippet is far too short. Still, the scenarios for various kinds of pirates were cool, and made me want to know more, in particular was there no way I could resist a Steampunk AU with them as air pirates.

Mirror Dance, by Trinityofone. Slash, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay. (ca. 45,000 words)
I guess technically this one could count as not-AU because they meet their canon universe counterparts later on in the story through a quantum mirror, so it's more along the line of multiverse fic, but most of this is about an SGA universe in which the gene therapy Rodney underwent had the side effect to transform his body to look like a twin to Sheppard's, and it was a lot of fun to read, with some angst as well.


Clangs, by Vehemently. Gen, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester. (ca. 14,800 words)
This was a rather creepy and bleak AU. At first I was confused about what exactly was the premise leading into this (which I won't spoil for you), but then when it became clear, it was even more horrible and hopeless than I expected. But it's a really effective, though tragic, "what if" scenario.
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I just read a great Farscape/Stargate Atlantis crossover. The third of the three parts isn't posted yet, but the second doesn't end on a particular cliffhanger. It's Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, by [livejournal.com profile] tassosss. It's gen and mostly Crichton-centric so far. Crichton ends up in the Pegasus galaxy, is culled, but becomes a Runner, and finally meets the Lanteans. The first part is entirely from Crichton's POV and the story has a great way to integrate Harvey and generally show us the wackiness that's the inside of his head. The second part when Crichton comes to Atlantis is just as awesome. It has great interaction between Crichton and the Lanteans.
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I just updated my AU recs page, but mentioning good stories more than once can't hurt, so...

Rivanna finally finished her Footpaths Through Peru Series, a gen TS story in which Jim and Blair meet in Peru. So anybody who has avoided it so far, because it wasn't finished, can now look forward to reading five fine stories about Jim, Blair, sentinel senses, and adventures in the jungle. I'm not quite as fond of her writing style as I was almost three years ago, when I read the first story in this series. But then I'm very jaded about TS fanfic nowadays. And I still enjoyed reading the fifth and final part, The Wings of Faith. The only bad news is that Rivanna said in the author's notes that this will be her last TS story.

The other story I want to rec is the Farscape story UFO by The Right Brain. It's still a WIP, 14 chapters so far, an interesting and believable take on the popular topic of John returning to Earth. It branches off from canon after season 3.

And not an AU rec, but fun nonetheless: The Rocky Horror Muppet Show. I'm sure many know this script already, considering that it was first performed in 1987 according to the page, but I've only recently found it. So check it out if you haven't read it already (or seen it performed which would probably be even better).
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Check out Kansas, a somewhat bleak Farscape futurefic by Maayan. Crichton's POV, haunting beautiful images, an interesting outlook into a possible future -- overall well worth reading.

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