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The Old World, by aesc. Slash, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel. (ca. 10,890 words)
Stargate: Atlantis/Supernatural
They all run across each other on Earth while hunting wraith. This mixed the mythologies of the two shows in a cool way. (As a side note, even though the author labelled it McKay/Sheppard slash, it read gen to me.)

What Keeps The Light, by Eisoj5. Gen, Dan Vasser, Sarah Connor. (ca. 3,000 words)
Journeyman/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
I'm a bit ambivalent about this one, because I would have liked to learn so much more of what happened. In a way it is more the start of what could have been an longer story. OTOH a timetravel crossover mixing Journeyman and Dan's involuntary timetravel with the Sarah Connor Chronicles is such a great fit, and I really like the setup here and the possibilities their meeting here opens.

Shotgun, by July. Gen. (ca. 18,000 words)
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural
This is also a bit of an AU, because of course in canon the Winchesters moved around a lot, but it feels more like a crossover than an AU. An the idea of Sam and Dean growing up in Dillon while John still hunts is simply awesome.

Twenty Four Hours, by Morgan32. Gen. (ca. 10,700 words)
This is set pre-series for SPN, and I really enjoyed seeing Sam and Dean as teenagers through Jim an Blair's eyes.
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I finally managed to update my AU recs page.

The ultra short version of the new recs:
Fearful Symmetry, by [livejournal.com profile] kerithwyn. (Batman Comics)
Imperfections Series, by Dasha. (Sentinel)
Nahual, by Peregrine. (Sentinel)
Language of Love, by [livejournal.com profile] garryowen. (Smallville)
and four X-Men stories written for [livejournal.com profile] minisinoo's Powerswap Challenge:
Broken Home, by [livejournal.com profile] alara_r.
Down the Rabbit Hole, by [livejournal.com profile] marag.
Opposites Attract, by [livejournal.com profile] penknife.
Secret Weapons, by [livejournal.com profile] andrastewhite.
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You've probably seen this story recced elsewhere already, still, I enjoyed it, and there's no shame in seconding other people's recs after all.

I'm glad I read The Wrong End of the Story by Julad and Calico in broad summer daylight and not at night in midwinter. It was still creepy as hell. In a good way, of course. Horror isn't my favorite genre (like, I've never read Martha's Unsleeping, no matter how often I've seen it recommended), but this story is sort of psychological horror, not a monster story.
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Verity (231K), by Kathryn Andersen, is a gen TS/Matrix crossover, and was previously published in the zine Merged Worlds.

I had some problems with the story, for example I think that Jim and Blair have a prophesied destiny in this version of the Matrix universe is overkill (one prophesied messianic figure is more than enough IMO), and wouldn't have really been necessary for the story, and I would have like a slightly more prominent role for the Matrix characters, but overall I quite enjoyed it.
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[livejournal.com profile] lanning posted a new installment of the Identical series, Groundwork (Smallville).

Thanks to a rec on Prospect-L I found this crossover: Actualize This by Helena Handbasket (Sentinel/ Invisible Man/ Stargate). Usually I dislike the "characters of different series meet at a seminar" crossover device, but this one is really funny, and well worth reading.

I'm not sure whether I already recced this, but in case I haven't a while ago I read the Legolas/Gimli AU Back to the Beginning (LOTR) and quite enjoyed it.
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I just read No Big Deal Part I by Dasha and it's great. Lots of Sentinel stuff (of the sensory, not the psychic bond kind) and it's not full of overused fanon sensory shortcuts. Since the story is built around the episodes with views and interludes told from Jim's POV, it stands well on its own, even though it's a first part. I'm sure looking forward to the next.

Also see the debut of my new icon for posts about books, fanfic recs, etc.
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I just updated my AU recs page, but mentioning good stories more than once can't hurt, so...

Rivanna finally finished her Footpaths Through Peru Series, a gen TS story in which Jim and Blair meet in Peru. So anybody who has avoided it so far, because it wasn't finished, can now look forward to reading five fine stories about Jim, Blair, sentinel senses, and adventures in the jungle. I'm not quite as fond of her writing style as I was almost three years ago, when I read the first story in this series. But then I'm very jaded about TS fanfic nowadays. And I still enjoyed reading the fifth and final part, The Wings of Faith. The only bad news is that Rivanna said in the author's notes that this will be her last TS story.

The other story I want to rec is the Farscape story UFO by The Right Brain. It's still a WIP, 14 chapters so far, an interesting and believable take on the popular topic of John returning to Earth. It branches off from canon after season 3.

And not an AU rec, but fun nonetheless: The Rocky Horror Muppet Show. I'm sure many know this script already, considering that it was first performed in 1987 according to the page, but I've only recently found it. So check it out if you haven't read it already (or seen it performed which would probably be even better).
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Probably you've all read those stories already *grin*. I recced Lanning Cook's Common Ground, Sidelines by Anna and the newest installment in Delilah's Coming Up for Air AU series, Living at Fourth and Talmadge. For (at least somewhat) more eloquent descriptions check out my AU rec page.

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