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[livejournal.com profile] lanning posted a new installment of the Identical series, Groundwork (Smallville).

Thanks to a rec on Prospect-L I found this crossover: Actualize This by Helena Handbasket (Sentinel/ Invisible Man/ Stargate). Usually I dislike the "characters of different series meet at a seminar" crossover device, but this one is really funny, and well worth reading.

I'm not sure whether I already recced this, but in case I haven't a while ago I read the Legolas/Gimli AU Back to the Beginning (LOTR) and quite enjoyed it.
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Without Sandy's rec page I would have never tried Giles/Oz fic, but she recommended Sarah T.'s Til it Bleeds Daylight and I enjoyed this wishverse fic quite a lot. So I tried another one of her Giles/Oz stories, Messengers of Grey, a story in which Giles and Oz meet in London after Buffy's death, and enjoyed that as well. So obviously I'm even more flexible in the Buffy pairings I enjoy reading than I previously thought.

A Smallville fic I quite enjoyed was Interstitial by Punk Maneuverability, probably because I like CLex future-fics that aren't bleak and depressing. Not that there's anything wrong with dark and depressing, I like that as well, just not constantly. I'm too much a sucker for happy endings for that. My only quibble with the story is that it doesn't really resolve the plot about Clark's powers. There is some foreshadowing as to what might be going on, but nothing definite. So I'm hoping for a sequel (and I've already written a whiny LoC to the author, too *grin*).

Basingstoke posted a fun SV story told in letters, emails and chat to her LJ: here, here and here. It's still to be revised, but it's already very readable and funny, I was laughing in several places.

A lot of the Invisible Man fanfic I've come across has been quite horrid, but the first ep of the Invisible Man Virtual Season was okay, not fabulous, but entertaining enough that I'm going to read the second ep. And definitely much better than a lot of IM fic I've come across, like lots of marriage or wedding fic, complete with (invisible) kids, Mary-Sue-ish new original invisible agents etc. And it's worth pointing out that I don't have a het squick or anything like that, it's just an awful fanfic squick. Another gen IM story worth reading is For the Good... by XmagicalX, a solid long (234K) story with The Keeper and Hobbes rescuing Darien from the clutches of the CIA.
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I finally watched all IM episodes (except for Cat & Mouse) and [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke was right, it is a fun show. And really slashy. Now if there just was more good Invisible Man fanfic, I'd be even happier with my newly acquired fandom. Well, I haven't looked very thoroughly yet, but overall there doesn't seem to be that much interesting fanfic. Especially not longer stories.

I wanted to rec Points of View by Sanguine, it's gen and a rather dark view of the Keeper. It is not how I see her in canon, especially not in light of later season 2, but I still liked the story. Though anyone who's annoyed by "it's/its" spelling problems should probably avoid it.

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