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I finally managed to update my AU recs page.

The ultra short version of the new recs:
Fearful Symmetry, by [livejournal.com profile] kerithwyn. (Batman Comics)
Imperfections Series, by Dasha. (Sentinel)
Nahual, by Peregrine. (Sentinel)
Language of Love, by [livejournal.com profile] garryowen. (Smallville)
and four X-Men stories written for [livejournal.com profile] minisinoo's Powerswap Challenge:
Broken Home, by [livejournal.com profile] alara_r.
Down the Rabbit Hole, by [livejournal.com profile] marag.
Opposites Attract, by [livejournal.com profile] penknife.
Secret Weapons, by [livejournal.com profile] andrastewhite.
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I updated my AU recs page with four new recs, one each in Andromeda, Angel, Smallville and X-Men Movieverse.

I was sure I had bookmarked at least two other AUs, but obviously those bookmarks weren't in the right folder (the one I keep for AUs to be recced) and in general my bookmarks are an organically grown mess, where it is really hard to find something if it's not were I remember to have put it. Kinda like my desk in that way. I mean, I have a tool that will delete dead links automatically at least, but as I didn't loose my bookmark file since 1998, it's somewhat unwieldy by now, despite my intermittent attempts at better organization. Well, I'll remember either the stories or find the bookmarks eventually.
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Mere Mortals, by deanine.

I found this AU thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mecurtin's recent post tracking WIPs. She obviously has a knack for finding the good stuff on ff.net. The story is long, and projected to be a trilogy, The Lost, Genesis and Identity Crisis. As a whole it is still a WIP, but the first book The Lost is finished. The story has a really interesting premise about Krypton's demise and a lot of original ideas about Krytonite. And it is a true ensemble story with lots of plot and good characterization. I started reading today telling myself that I'd just take a look at it to see whether it was worth keeping track of, and was rapidly hooked by the story. My afternoon and evening went a bit differently than planned, but I was well entertained, so who cares about cleaning and doing dishes?
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I've updated my AU recs, five SV recs, one XMMV.

Also, I'm considering starting another specialized rec page, this time for future fics. In several of my current fandoms the main speculative form is futurefic not AUs, and though I really like that genre as well, I don't want to mix them into the AU category, unless they are clearly AUs (from the standpoint of current canon, which is an important distinction in fandoms like SV, where there is a certain expectation what the future is going to look like, but based on current SV canon it could be all kinds of different things).

Future fic is of course as blurry as any other genre, but I'd intend that rec page specifically to the speculative kind of future fic, not just any story set after a series canon. For example a TS story set after the series finale that still is very much like a TS episode is not really future fic for me. For me future fic are speculative stories, that while not currently contradicted by canon, are still describing scenarios centered around a "what if" question much like AUs that are unlikely to "really" happen in the series itself or its larger canonical context for the future (like Superman for SV).

I haven't seen any existing rec pages specifically for future fic, so it might fill a niche. I'm always surprised how few (thematically) specialized rec pages are there in general.
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Inside Out, by [livejournal.com profile] corinna_5, written for the Smallville Historical Fiction Challenge.

It's set in 1969, at the beginning of the Stonewall Riots in New York, and the though the story is relatively short, it has good world building without clumsy exposition. It felt to me like there was more to the characters and their backstory than we glimpse in the story itself, so the AU was made real and three-dimensional.
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I enjoy reading WIPs, and I have no special prerequisites for reading them, like regular or frequent updates, or that the installments are "chapter-like" and not just the random breaks based on how much was written at a time, however I really like it when authors make it easy to find the previous installments, especially when they post in their LJ or a blog without search function. Of course many authors do this, for example they link to all previous parts in their latest post (which I find the most convenient), they use the LJ memory function, or they have an extra journal for their WIP, however some do nothing like that. And if you read that writer's blog/journal regularly and started to do so before the first post of that WIP it's not a problem, however several times now I've seen a WIP mentioned, with just a link to the LJ it's posted in, and it was really difficult to find the parts, sometimes not even the subject lines indicated that the post contained an update, and more often than not I just gave up.

I mean, I assume if authors post their WIPs they'd like to have an audience, so why make it so hard to find the parts? Surely they don't expect that everybody interested in their WIPs already reads their journal regularly. I'll even go through the subjects of all posts in the last months, but if a WIP started months ago, and not all posts containing parts have a subject line with the WIP title, and they aren't linked or indexed either, I don't get that, how am I supposed to catch up with it? No matter how interesting the WIP sounded to me when someone talked about it, I won't spend more than maybe 15 minutes trying to track down the parts in a LJ or blog.

On a less grouchy note, I enjoyed reading [livejournal.com profile] joyfulgirl41's Smallville AU WIP "The Road Not Taken" (its premise is "what if Lex had been raised by his mother and Pamela"), which I only found yesterday thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mecurtin's list of WIPs and Joyfulgirl really makes it easy to find all previous parts through links in the most recent one posted to her LJ.
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Lovers and Dreamers, by [livejournal.com profile] fox1013.
It's a Smallville/Muppet Show x-over, and it's hilarious. Don't read it in public transport though, people will look at you funny (at least if you -- like me -- can't always manage to suppress your laughter).
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The Yard, by Jenn.
So far I really enjoy this WIP, though in some places I found it just a bit confusing. Still, I'm very curious how this will turn out. The new parts are posted to Jenn's LJ.

The Scientific Method, by Lenore.
It's really funny, I mean how could I not like a story that has lines like: "That's just great. It's like something out of a really bad comic book. The sphincter of steel. Able to maim sexual partners with a single orgasm. Now there's a super power to prize."

Intervention, by Hope.
It's a post Exodus story, and I liked Pete's POV, and the interaction between him and Clark.

Webs, by Roz Kaveney.
I've also recced this on my AU rec page recently, it gives us a look inside Shelob's head, set in a universe where events turn out really well--for her.

Since these stories have been recced all over the place you probably have read them already (well, if you're interested in X-Men fanfic at least), still, I enjoyed them. I didn't read X-Men fic after the first movie (and don't know the comics), and while my interest now isn't great, it was enough to check out X-Men rec pages during all the recent long holiday weekends (Ascension, Pentecost etc), with predictable results.

The Best-Laid Plans by Victoria P. and its remix The Best-Laid Plans (Art of War Remix) by Ransom. Both Logan/Rogue.

Climb the Wind by Minisinoo. It's sort of a character exploration through action-adventure focused on Logan and Scott. I could have done without some of the detailed medical descriptions of injuries, but I guess they just had their intended effect. Also check out Minisinoo's recent novel in progress An Accidental Interception of Fate, a Scott/Jean romance, but much more than that. I really enjoyed the parts with Scott in college.

Jus Ad Bellum, by Jenn. This one was chilling to read. And brilliant. Rogue from the familiar movieverse timeline (just a couple of years in the future) is thrust into an alternate timeline, where the original Rogue died on the Statue of Liberty. And things turned out really different. This story deals with morality, with terrorism, war and torture, and the choices everybody has to make each day. And it is chilling to experience alongside with Rogue how, confronted with the realities of that universe, her perception and reasoning start to shift, and how easy it is to slide into justifications, to adapt and accept.

Totally unrelated to any fanfic recs, I'd like to say that I thought one of the t-shirts I saw today was really crass: I showed George W. Bush's head with the word "Enemy" above and a bloody bullet hole in the center of his forehead. And I'm down with the anti-Bush sentiment, but with the bullet hole? Not so much, not even if it's meant symbolically.
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I updated my AU recs page with two Smallville and one LOTR fanfic recs.
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I enjoyed Macellum by Sylvia a lot. It's an AU where Lionel takes in the stranded alien (who isn't named Clark by him, obviously) and the family dynamics and byzantine plots, machinations and power games of the Luthors are very convincing, and true to the characters, even to Clark's, who of course is different yet brings his own style to his "Luthorness" so that you can see the canon Clark shine through.
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[livejournal.com profile] lanning posted a new installment of the Identical series, Groundwork (Smallville).

Thanks to a rec on Prospect-L I found this crossover: Actualize This by Helena Handbasket (Sentinel/ Invisible Man/ Stargate). Usually I dislike the "characters of different series meet at a seminar" crossover device, but this one is really funny, and well worth reading.

I'm not sure whether I already recced this, but in case I haven't a while ago I read the Legolas/Gimli AU Back to the Beginning (LOTR) and quite enjoyed it.
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I just read I Drive The Car and its sequel You'd Better Not Go Down To The Woods Today by Dyce, and really enjoyed them. They're light-hearted fun adventures, with a focus on Chloe and Lex -- mostly friendship with a bit of flirting, those are not Chloe/Lex stories.
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Probably you've all read those stories already *grin*. I recced Lanning Cook's Common Ground, Sidelines by Anna and the newest installment in Delilah's Coming Up for Air AU series, Living at Fourth and Talmadge. For (at least somewhat) more eloquent descriptions check out my AU rec page.
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Without Sandy's rec page I would have never tried Giles/Oz fic, but she recommended Sarah T.'s Til it Bleeds Daylight and I enjoyed this wishverse fic quite a lot. So I tried another one of her Giles/Oz stories, Messengers of Grey, a story in which Giles and Oz meet in London after Buffy's death, and enjoyed that as well. So obviously I'm even more flexible in the Buffy pairings I enjoy reading than I previously thought.

A Smallville fic I quite enjoyed was Interstitial by Punk Maneuverability, probably because I like CLex future-fics that aren't bleak and depressing. Not that there's anything wrong with dark and depressing, I like that as well, just not constantly. I'm too much a sucker for happy endings for that. My only quibble with the story is that it doesn't really resolve the plot about Clark's powers. There is some foreshadowing as to what might be going on, but nothing definite. So I'm hoping for a sequel (and I've already written a whiny LoC to the author, too *grin*).

Basingstoke posted a fun SV story told in letters, emails and chat to her LJ: here, here and here. It's still to be revised, but it's already very readable and funny, I was laughing in several places.

A lot of the Invisible Man fanfic I've come across has been quite horrid, but the first ep of the Invisible Man Virtual Season was okay, not fabulous, but entertaining enough that I'm going to read the second ep. And definitely much better than a lot of IM fic I've come across, like lots of marriage or wedding fic, complete with (invisible) kids, Mary-Sue-ish new original invisible agents etc. And it's worth pointing out that I don't have a het squick or anything like that, it's just an awful fanfic squick. Another gen IM story worth reading is For the Good... by XmagicalX, a solid long (234K) story with The Keeper and Hobbes rescuing Darien from the clutches of the CIA.

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