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Because my memory is crap, do we ever see the team camping offworld, i.e. see what kind of tents they use and such, or is the offworld camping a pure fanon thing?

Unrelated, I remember the team sitting together in their mess hall in a couple of episodes, but I can't recall which those were. Argh. My memory, worse than a Swiss cheese.
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Does anyone know what happened to the reversathon.com domain? I just tried to reread a [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match story (for those interested, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by ras_elased) and was cruelly thwarted by a link leading from the community into the ether of an expired domain. Did that site move? *hopeful* Or just vanish? :(
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I'm only a few minutes into the episode, but a detail jumped at me and-- I thought that was fanon?! )
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Having watched both SG-1 and SGA the past season I sometimes wondered how I would decide if I had to choose between living on a Wraith or on an Ori controlled planet. I'm really waffling, because with the Wraith the chance of an early death because you'd be eaten is significant, and while the Ori are said to somehow profit from their subjects' energy and worship, we haven't seen them suck the life out of people. Also, while, as I understand it, the Ori somehow actually limit their subjects' chances for ascension while claiming to do the opposite, I doubt my personal chances to escape death by becoming all glowy would be that high even in the SG universe, so that wouldn't concern me too much.

OTOH the Ori are really, really controlling and you apparently have to spend hours every day worshiping them or risk death by torture, and they pretty much decide what you can do with your life as well, at least when they're mobilizing for a crusade, whereas the Wraith pretty much let you do what you want until they cull you. Besides while Wraith are hard to kill you can still fight them better than ascended Oris and their superpowered lackeys. And who knows, you could get lucky and be born in one of their hibernation periods, increasing your chances for survival probably by several magnitudes, while the Ori are consistently there once they got hold of a planet.

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Totally unrelated to this, I had a really nice, if somewhat bizarre, crossover dream, in which Ray Kowalski and John Sheppard were trying to solve some crime involving a nostalgic, old-school traveling circus. I have no idea how the two ended up being a crime-solving team. I guess my subconscious isn't that concerned with consistent background stories for crossovers. It was very pretty, however.

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