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The no-dialog thing in the first half of CSI:NY felt really gimmicky. It made the story more tedious, IMO, with the even longer than usual montages to emotional music, and they didn't even stick with it for a whole episode.
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Yikes, I haven't updated in over two weeks. Where did October go??

Well, I did watch some tv, among other things also Heroes, but I have a real problem keeping track of things. some general spoilers for the third Heroes season so far )

Unrelated to anything: I was woken up this morning shortly after seven by some awful mixture people rearranging furniture and power tool noises (the walls in my place transmit sound really well) and they were *still* at it with the noise until around ten in the evening. Talking really loudly too. WTF is wrong with people? Can't they limit this to reasonable hours? Like start after eight and stop at night? Well, I guess technically they did with stopping at ten, but still! I hope whoever is moving in or renovates or whatever is causing this racket is done with it soon. </whine>


Nov. 10th, 2007 00:05
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Now tv has inter-series crossovers too, that force you to watch the other show you don't know anything about? (I just found out that after I watched this week's CSI that it is a two parter and that the other half is an episode of some series called "Without a Trace" that I don't think I've ever seen. *grump*)

And here I thought only comics did this kind of thing.
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I'm only a few minutes into the episode, but a detail jumped at me and-- I thought that was fanon?! )


May. 18th, 2003 01:29
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Note to self: Don't turn on the tv randomly after midnight. There'll be nothing on except home shopping commercials and tawdry sex stuff.

I mean, I so didn't need to see this sex spot where one naked woman with a black hood flogs another woman in a nun costume who is shackled to some sort of cross.
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Sometimes there are really strange things on tv. A few minutes ago I zapped through late night tv, and I got stuck for a few minutes on some Tool Time episode, and then it was interrupted by commercials, some phone sex commercial came on, so far that's quite normal. But that phone sex commercial didn't show naked women, or naked men, or anyone having sex, or weirdly costumed people, or people in bondage gear, or any of the usual things you see in phone sex commercials. There were two wall-mounted deer heads, which were computer-animated and talking (or rather moaning) in the usual sex commercial way, about how wild they were and that you should call them. WTF? And I'm quite sure I wasn't asleep. I mean, I realize that it is an ironic play on the commercial for the brand of bitter cordial that also features wall-mounted , talking deer heads, and it certainly stood out from the rest, but still. I think this is a really odd choice for a phone sex commercial...
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Okay, I don't think this tv ad for Citroen was supposed to be creepy, still: It started with a completely naked pregnant woman stretched out on her back, I think it was on some sort of bed, but, well, the focus was mostly on the breast and belly area, all filmed from the side to put emphasis on the belly's shape, and while you couldn't see a lot of her genitals (because from the side it was mostly the leg you saw) they looked quite shaved and hairless as was the rest of her body. Anyway, they pan to this little boy, maybe 10 or so, who scoops some goo up from the floor, then bounces towards her, and with this colorful goo paints lines on the naked woman's belly, which look like an abstract swirl pattern at first, and those swirls together with the belly shape then transform via special effects into a new Citroen family van, which is the point at which the viewer finds out what the ad is for (there was also some stupid slogan I forgot) but the events, together with the room ambient, the music and lightning came across as really creepy to me. Like a horror film with awfuls spawn coming out of a pregnancy instead of a child.

Sometimes I really wonder about the reasoning behind these spots. Or maybe it's just because I'm not the target audience that I got a goosebump reaction. I think they wanted the message/association that your family will be as savely in this van as the unborn in the womb.

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