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Yikes, I haven't updated in over two weeks. Where did October go??

Well, I did watch some tv, among other things also Heroes, but I have a real problem keeping track of things. some general spoilers for the third Heroes season so far )

Unrelated to anything: I was woken up this morning shortly after seven by some awful mixture people rearranging furniture and power tool noises (the walls in my place transmit sound really well) and they were *still* at it with the noise until around ten in the evening. Talking really loudly too. WTF is wrong with people? Can't they limit this to reasonable hours? Like start after eight and stop at night? Well, I guess technically they did with stopping at ten, but still! I hope whoever is moving in or renovates or whatever is causing this racket is done with it soon. </whine>
ratcreature: RatCreature watches tv. (tv)
Since my f-list doesn't seem to have many Avatar the Last Airbender fans on it, I didn't see any mention that the third season was finally airing, and only noticed with a couple of days delay. Anyway I now watched 3x01, and am really glad it's back. The season opener seemed mostly about setting the stage, and recapping where we at, which was fine by me. Anyway, yay for Avatar being back!

I also watched the Heroes second season premiere, but I'm not really fannish about it in the sense that I read fanfic or discussion. I think that's because while I like the characters okay, I don't really have a favorite I could identify with, which is a prerequisite for me to feel fannish, even for ensemble shows. Besides the Heroes cast is so large that it is hard for me to really identify with anyone. I mean, in one sense it is cool that the universe isn't claustrophobic but I don't get as invested emotionally.

Anyway, about the season two premiere, cut for spoilers )

Finally, I've seen some people talk about that new show, Reaper, and they seemed entertained, but I've been wary of giving it a try because it's comedy, and my embarrassment squick often has problems with setups like this. For example I couldn't get into Psych when I watched the pilot and the first episode, because the whole premise was leading to situations that just made me cringe. So has anyone on my f-list watched it and could tell me whether the humor relies a lot on socially awkward situations/misunderstandings and such? If yes, there's not reason for me to even give it a try.

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