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The no-dialog thing in the first half of CSI:NY felt really gimmicky. It made the story more tedious, IMO, with the even longer than usual montages to emotional music, and they didn't even stick with it for a whole episode.
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The latest incident of this I've noticed was in this week's CSI: New York, but it's not really specific to that ep, so I don't think it needs a spoiler cut. So once again they examine photos taken by bystanders on their cell phones for evidence, and this is related to that weird "endless zoom and image enhancement" phenomenon in procedurals (and wow, do I wish photos and video really worked like that, that you somehow could extract all potential information rather than all actual information recorded, because then if you had a reference picture of an object and needed to see the detail of some part of the mechanism rather than the whole thing you could just zoom instead of cursing about how few easy to find photos there are just showing a small part of a thing in great detail), but I don't mean that exactly, though it is also a pet peeve of mine. It's that on top of the endless detail it never seems to happen that a significant portion of their relevant photos just suck too much, like maybe blurry because the person wobbled too much, completely over or under exposed, etc. This somehow annoys me because random tv people are apparently much better at taking snapshots than actual people, even if they are just using cell phones, are in a crowd, and not all sober.

Also, and this is a bit more specific so I cut, )


Sep. 4th, 2007 23:30
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I watched a couple of first season episodes of CSI: NY, and I they didn't impress me too much (though I liked them better than CSI: Miami), but the main thing that stuck in my mind is how horrible (and mismatched) the opening theme is. Who did come up with that? Whenever I hear it I have a strong urge to just turn it off to make the noise stop. It sort of overshadows the whole experience and not in a good way.

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