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I watched Spider-Man: Homecoming this afternoon, and it was a lot of fun.

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Wonder Woman has finally opened here this week so now I have watched it. It's actually the first of the recent DC films I bothered to watch.

It was a lot of fun! Though I very much wanted to throat-punch the guys sitting two seats to my right who would not stop talking. WTF. Since they did not sit directly next to me I couldn't even shush them. What kind of obnoxious person does that in a cinema?

Also the slow motion fight scene inserts got on my nerves very quickly. I suppose it does allow to see dramatic fight poses clearly or something, like you would in a comic panel, but the effect did not work for me.
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So I watched Alien Covenant. I liked that much less than Prometheus. Maybe because it was more of an Alien film in that spoilers )
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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today, and overall it was fun, though it did hit my embarrassment squick a couple of times. And as in the first part, Marvel's space mythology and setting is confusing.

Also it's not like I especially needed another daddy issues story. It's not that I dislike them as such, but more variety for the heroes' issues would be nice.

BTW, has this opened in the US this week too? I haven't seen any posts about it.


Feb. 11th, 2017 20:19
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Recently I talked with my niece about Harry Potter, Star Wars, the MCU and fiction in general, and apparently she's dissatisfied with the genre convention that in the end the "good guys" always win.

Now I don't get that at all, because for me one of the main draws of fiction, and genre fiction in particular, is that it is escapist and less depressing than reality, so I pretty much only like genres that for the most part abide by the convention to deliver a happy ending, i.e. I like fanfic, romance, YA, mysteries, and the kind of SF&F where heroes win, and am much less into e.g. horror or "literary" fiction or other genres where that isn't the convention. Even when I read stuff like apocafic or such, I ultimately want it to end hopeful for at least the main characters.

So I don't really have any recs for media (books, movies or tv series) that end badly for the heroes overall, because even when I encounter the situation of just some of them not making it (like in HP) I'm on the look out for fix-it fic. But I wondered whether others might have recs that I could pass on to my niece to satisfy her odd (to me) preference for some variety and a more fraught fictional experience.

Though I'm not sure whether she wants depressing stuff or more things along the line of the fanfic type revisionist AUs with perspective shifts, because she mentioned that she was kind of rooting for Loki and Tom Riddle and such, i.e. where the story just takes the bad guys' side and for them it is okay, even though the world is then in the hands of a megalomaniac. I mostly dislike that type of fanfic as well. And I don't look for that kind of "twist" in original fiction either.

It would have to be stuff that is available in German and at least somewhat suitable for an eight year old.
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My expectations were kind of low, because most of what I heard about it in advance were the casting issues and such, and also Benedict Cumberbatch is a bit hit and miss for me, but I actually had a lot of fun watching this one. Then again I, heretically, enjoyed Antman too. Though I'm not feeling particularly fannish about either.

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I had fun watching, and liked it a lot more than the last one.

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I was finally convinced by the general sense of squee in my online circle to give it a chance and watch Mad Max: Fury Road.

Before I had only skimmed reactions to avoid being spoiled too much, so now that I've seen it, and indeed enjoyed it quite a bit, I'm looking to read these. So if you have made any posts or have enjoyed someone else's meta, please point them out to me?


Jul. 23rd, 2013 18:03
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Broken Homes already arrived today! Of course the delivery person didn't ring, even though I was home, seeing how the notification was already downstairs when I left at noon. Of course the note wasn't addressed to my name either, so I only found out that it was actually my package once the other had checked, found that it wasn't their package and corrected the notification, so I only found out when I came back this evening. Thankfully the store they dumped it at was still open at least. Sometimes I seriously wonder whether/how DHL tests for literacy before employing people.

However, this evening I will spend watching Pacific Rim, rather than start reading.
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...and it was really entertaining. Also the 3D in it worked much better for me than in Avengers (the only other film I've watched in 3D), though I still find the 3€ extra charge for 3D quite outrageous, when the cinema already cost 8.50€, and it wasn't even one of the more expensive weekend slots.

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So, I watched A Dangerous Method earlier this evening, and the bottom line is that it's not particularly awesome, but I don't regret having spent €7 to see it, even though I couldn't find a non-dubbed showing in my city.

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I watched X-Men: First Class this afternoon, and even managed to find a showing that wasn't dubbed.

some spoilers )
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And it was great fun, though it would have been even better if the two young women to my left had not felt the need to talk (or loudly whisper) throughout the whole movie. I could have also done without the person to my right who at one time used some kind of electronic device with a brightly lit screen, which at least didn't beep or anything, but suddenly appearing light sources in my peripheral vision are still startling during a movie. On the bright side, since the early afternoon screening was quite empty I got one of those two person seats all to myself, so at least I wasn't feeling squeezed in.

ETA: BTW, if you have written or read any fic worth recommending, I'd love to hear about it. I mostly employed selective blindness while following my f-list to avoid spoilers, so I haven't bookmarked anything for later reading.
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I went to see the new Star Trek movie last night: mostly squee )

So is there any fannish infrastructure for the rebooted Star Trek universe yet? Communities, newsletters, that kind of thing?
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Since Superman Returns has opened here Thursday I now finally got to watch the movie too. I don't have any great comments or insights to offer, but I enjoyed it a lot. *squeeing noises*

Also because (almost) everybody else got to watch it months earlier, I missed all the fic that has been probably posted, so if you have any recs for Superman Returns fic, maybe you could point me?
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Serenity finally opened here today, and I thought the movie was awesome! Also now I don't have to be hyper-vigilant anymore to avoid any spoilers. It paid off though, I managed to remain unspoiled before seeing it.

I was rather surprised how empty the theater was. Admittedly, it's Thursday, not the weekend, I went to an afternoon show and also saw the English original version, not a dubbed one, so I'm not surprised it wasn't crowded, but I think there weren't even ten people in the theater.

Anyway, I was confused about one thing though:
the question is behind a cut for movie spoilers )

On a totally random note, my rats are the wrong pets if you just want to cuddle something warm and furry. It's not that they aren't cuddly or affectionate, they just won't stay put for even a moment. :/ Well they're still young, and as such quite hyper, but surely they could allow to let themselves petted for a short while? Only they won't, instead they prefer to have wild scuffles on my bed (I guess because it's softer than to fight on the floor) so that I'm punched into various soft body parts by a rapidly moving ball of two kicking, boxing and squeaking rats, rolling all over the place.
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ROTK spoilers )

In a less pleasant development, I think I have to scrap my plans to squeeze in a second ROTK viewing before Christmas. I wanted to go tomorrow in the early afternoon, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick. This afternoon my throat and tonsils started to hurt and now I have occasional chills with shivering. As of yet I don't have a fever nor do I feel really ill, but I'm afraid that might change overnight. I'm hoping that my measures of taking extra vitamin C, drinking Ayurvedic herbal tea blends, and having eaten homemade vegetable soup for dinner will help my immune system enough so that at least I won't be seriously sick through the holidays. Why does one get always ill at the most inconvenient times?
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So I did a search for when the X-Men 2 movie DVD would come out here (turns out it won't be until November), but as I searched for X-Men I noticed that there was an X-Men: Evolution DVD, too. I haven't seen this cartoon, but heard about it, and the price wasn't too bad, so I looked how many episodes were on this DVD. And then I noticed that whoever put together the release was a moron. It has five episodes on it, but not the first five episodes, nor a "Best Of" collection, no, it's the first five episodes of the second season. At first I thought "Huh, so there have to be earlier DVDs." but no, there aren't (well not Region 2 ones anyway). I mean, that just makes no sense, does it? Why would they start with the second season? I'm not going to shell out money if I don't even get to see the start of a series.


May. 2nd, 2003 12:47
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I watched the X-Men sequel last night, ... )
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I bought the extended DVD edition of FOTR, and while I haven't gotten around to watching the commentary and extras yet, I watched the expanded version of the movie itself recently. I didn't like all extra scenes equally, but I loved the additional parts with the fellowship in Lórien, and enjoyed also the scene with Aragorn at Gilraen's grave, especially because it showed more of Elrond's relationship with Aragorn beyond their differences over Arwen. The scene in which Aragorn and the hobbits trudge miserably through the Migdgewater Marshes had a certain appeal too, but I can see why it didn't make the cut. There were other expansions too, but the ones above I liked best.

Totally unrelated to the above, my seasonal comment of the day is that I really dislike the firework explosions that have been starting the last days. I mean, on New Year's Eve itself there are so many outside that the constant explosion sounds just become background noise at one point, but right now there are still long quiet intervals which are then suddenly interrupted, and if the explosion is loud enough, I will even flinch sometimes. I have been always timid with fireworks. When I was a kid and went outside with my parents and my older siblings, I never liked to do the bigger firecrackers, actually not even most of the smaller ones, even though all assured me that it was harmless and that I shouldn't be so hesitant. Nowadays I don't do any firecrackers or fireworks myself, and actually I avoid being outside at the height of their popularity, that is the hours around midnight. There are enough people out then who are too drunk, silly, or careless to really watch where they are throwing this stuff, and sometimes you'll get people throwing firecrackers from their balconies and windows above for good measure, which makes getting from one point to another something for which you have to be really alert (like for fast dodging). I noticed that a few times when I was with friends just a couple of blocks away from me, and then walked home late. I guess you could argue that I was just too sober, because drunk I probably wouldn't have cared that much about people throwing explosives, and still gotten home fine (like most other people walking outside then).

Anyway, that's one of the reasons why I don't go watch the professional fireworks (which I like to watch) at places where many people are either, I really don't feel comfortable inside a crowd of a couple of thousand (partly drunk) people, some of whom will throw their own firecrackers and have their own rockets while being there. Also inevitably you have to be really alert while using public transport that night, and taxis are quite impossible to come by. The one time I was using the metro at New Year's Eve late was close to horrible and I was even with friends then. Crowded masses of drunk people inside the car with more people trying to get in, causing the drunk ones inside to sing variations "one more will fit inside yet," is a frightening experience when you yourself are actually sober. At least for me it is. Also you have to watch out not to be barfed on.

To finish on a brighter note, I just watched the newest Farscape episode, 4x12 Kansas.
Spoilers... )
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I just watched The Two Towers and enjoyed the movie a lot. Some movie spoilers ahead... )

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